10 months: I can’t even.


Oh my word! My baby is 10 months old! What the what?!

I seriously can’t even.



This last week has been HUGE. Babies change and grow every day. But, there are times where they make huge changes and you seriously wake up one day and they are doing loads of new things and you look at them and wonder, “who ARE you?!? you’re a totally new baby! I can’t even!”

That’s Charlie this past week.

In this past week alone, Charlie has:

  • Gone from army crawling to traditional hands and knees crawling
  • Pulls up to his knees, slowly starting to pull up to feet
  • Can stand up with some help and can balance for a few seconds hanging on to something
  • Can easily get himself into a seated position consistently
  • Crawls over to me and “asks” (aka whines) to be picked up by pulling on my arm/leg/shirt/anything of mine he can grasp
  • Started babbling with consonant sounds (GaGa, Ka, Dah, and Maaah sounds)
  • Can use a pincher grasp to pick up and eat Cherrios
  • Started doing things for a reaction, will repeat things that make someone laugh

Seriously. ALL those things are new just this week alone.

He’s been a powerhouse this week!

I mean, really, I can’t even!!!!!



Just two months from 1 and I have NO first birthday party plans yet. I am completely torn on what to do. The goal this month is to figure that out!!!


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