16 days

Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like. ~Author Unknown

Then that stylist inevitably moves out of state without any notice, but I digress.

I’ve always struggled with my hair. I didn’t even know it was curly until my sophomore year in high school, before which point, I walked around with the fitting nick name “Super Frizz.” Once I figured out it was curly, it was somewhat of a relief because I never knew the first thing about styling hair, so scrunching and going was an easy fix. What isn’t so easy about my hair is getting a good cut.

Since I entered my 20s, I’ve always stuck to the shorter hair lengths. I try to grow it out now and again, but it gets raggedy and unruly because I don’t get it trimmed enough, then I feel dumpy, and I end up chopping it all off. When I go to get it chopped off, if I don’t get a good stylist, I usually end up in tears feeling like I look like Vikki Lawrence from Mama’s Family. There is a certain way you have to shape and cut my layers, or my hair is just a disaster.

As a treat to myself for my 30th, I’m going to get my hair properly cut and colored. Since going darker has never worked for me, I decided I’m going to go lighter. As light as one can artificially go – a platinum. I’m going to try to keep the overall length and just get it shaped up and get real bangs cut in. The lady I went to this summer and LOVED is unfortunately no longer here, but I feel comfortable going back to the salon where my favorite colorist is and I will go back to a gal who has cut my hair before and it was okay. I’m not going too drastic in cut, though I won’t be surprised if this chick argues with me on the bangs, but fingers crossed it all works out.

And that I do not end up in tears.

Anyway, my appointment is next Friday night and I am really stinkin’ excited. All I can do is sit and look at images of hair – think Gwen Stefani or Christina Aguilera blonde.

And two weeks from tonight is my birthday party! For the first time since I started planning, I’m actually getting really really excited. I’ll get my make-up done, have fresh new hair, and I have a great outfit planned – complete with sequins, tulle, and patent leather.

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