18 month update!

Charlie turned 18 months old on October 30th!!! HOLY MOLY!!!!

Seriously I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this age. And, I gotta agree. 18 months is pretty sweet.

Charlie’s personality comes out more and more every day. He is a riot. And his belly laugh – oh my gosh, his laugh – seriously makes my day. That little big laugh is the cure for everything!

We’re battling some picky eating. And mini-temper tantrums are kicking in. (Don’t DARE try to take something from him he wants.)

He loves books, shape sorters, and anything that isn’t a toy . . . taking clothes in and out of hampers and dressers . . . opening and closing cabinets and hiding things . . . throwing things away.

His 18 month appointment was today and his stats:

Weight: 20 lbs 10 oz (8th percentile)

Height: 29.5 inches (<1st percentile)

Head: huge. 90th percentile.

We continue to monitor his growth (height is on the really, really short side) so he’ll go back in 3 months for a height/weight check. The doctor thinks it’s likely just his genes, but wants to keep an eye on it. We’ve been keeping an eye on it since 9 months, so it’s just to be cautious but I don’t imagine we’ll have to do anything about it. Next step would be blood testing for growth hormone or thyroid deficiencies, but again, it’s like just his genes. Sorry, Charlie!

All of his motor skills are caught up, he’s just showing some minor speech delays. Speaking with the doctor today eased my mind – he said he doesn’t tend to worry when receptive language is happening (Charlie understands what’s being said) and that expressive language (him actually speaking) is not uncommon to lag behind. We’ll chat again in a few months to compare how he’s improved and if noticeable expressive speech improvements haven’t been made I’ll likely have another eval done to see if he needs speech therapy. Like always, I don’t anticipate needing it, he always seems to do something once I start worrying.

And, true to form, I started hearing 2-3 more word phrases in the past day or two. And he’ll say words, just not necessarily when you ask him to repeat. I’ve tried to listen more and I think I might be missing a lot of things he says because he mumbles under his breath a lot in between his babbling sounds. Tonight my dad was over and we both heard him say, “I did that” after he tipped over a toy that knocked over a picture frame and it startled him . . . he ran a few feet away, turned and pointed and said, “I did that.” He had said it twice this morning, too, and I thought I was crazy, but having my dad catch it validated it for me.

His first real word that I think even strangers could understand him say is “door”.

He’ll say “mama mama mama mama” when he wants to be held or needs comforting – so I don’t know if he necessarily knows that means specifically me or if he does that to all his caregivers.

At bedtime, he’ll say “nigh nigh nigh”.

He’ll occasionally say “peeeez” while signing “please” when he wants something. Same with “aaah done”.

He can identify and say “cat” and “duck”, but those are things he won’t ever say on command, but rather just when he feels like it.

Tonight we did some flashcards and he repeated “car” and “tractor”.

What’s even more amazing than hearing some words and phrases form is when he shows his understanding of things I say. It totally blows my mind when he responds to something new and is so fun to watch – like he knows to go throw trash away, to sit to take off his shoes, to go turn on his sound machine in his room, to go take a bath or brush his teeth, to get ready to get in his highchair for meals, go to the door to Carly’s leash when I tell him it’s time to take her for a walk, or to go find a specific book or item.

And the questions he’ll answer yes or no to – initially he’d say YES to everything, but now he’s being more thoughtful and shaking his head no more. Like if I ask if he needs help with something, he’ll usually say no and try to do whatever it is a few more times on his own. If he’s unsuccessful then he’ll agree to help.

He is just an absolute joy right now. I mean, he always has been, but I love him more than I ever thought possible. I get so excited to pick him up after work! And even though the breaks are necessary for me to regroup sometimes, I do miss him like no other on nights he goes to his dads. It’s the best feeling when he comes home and runs over to give me a hug.

It’s so bittersweet watching him grow . . . on one hand, there is no better feeling than seeing your child learn and master new skills. But, I want to bottle up this tiny sweetness forever . . .


this face!!!


Popsicle time!


Cookie Monster fail.


on the move. always on the move.


photo credit to Sara!!!!


oh how he’s grown!!!

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