19 days

Ok. So my 30 blogs until 30 experiment is a third of the way complete, and hitting a bit of a rough patch. I’ve been battling headaches for the past 5 days, which makes it hard to sit and write a thoughtful post. I do have things I want to talk about, but they are things I need to put some time into.

Today I got lost in my apartment complex. They are repainting and power washing my parking garage, so I had to park on the 6th floor roof. I had no idea how to get off the roof, so I walked all the way down to the 5th floor and went in on the other end from my apartment. It took me a few turns (the stair wells get you turned around really fast, they don’t always lead in and out from the same spot you think you are in) to finally get on the long track back to my place on the 3rd floor. Whew. It really makes me appreciate my awesome parking space and happy I didn’t pay the extra $18 to live on the 5th floor.
I am going to leave a little early tomorrow morning just to give me enough time to find roof access and get to my car again, then another 5 minutes it’s going to take to drive all the way down and out of the garage from the 6th floor.
Now off to bed, which is where I should have been 2 hours ago.

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