2011 recap

In two days we’ll be saying good bye to another year! While it happens faster and faster with each passing year, it still never ceases to amaze me how fast time flies. I suppose it’s just a constant reminder that every day is precious and every moment counts!

I figured to recap the year I’d take an idea from a fellow blogger friend’s blog, Monica, and revisit my 5 most read blog posts from the year according to my stats. In looking at mine, it really does a good job of covering the spectrum of this year.

So, in chronological order . . . my top 5 posts are:

1. April 4, 2011 – Statistically Speaking. This one makes me laugh at myself. I was shutting down the internet dating operation as He Who Shall Not Be Named and I decided to date exclusively after our first pseudo-date on Valentine’s Day. I can still detect that bitterness in my tone that I had picked up sometime in the fall of 2010, the bitterness of approaching 30 and having such an unknown future. (And I sure was angry at the engagement and wedding jewelry racket. Though, the advertising really must work because I eventually found myself browsing their merchandise.)

2. April 13, 2011 – Facebook Official. I love this one. When He Who Shall Not Be Named and I broke up in July (I’ll get to that next, haha) I all but forced myself to purge any happy memory from our initial months together, focusing on what wasn’t perfect was what allowed me to accept what happened. But, this post, it takes me back to where it all started, what it was like having a new crush, and it reminds me why I’ve come to love He Who Shall Not Be Named so much today. And, gosh, how crazy excited I was to be FBO!!! (Though, many of you know we never became FBO again. I refuse. Because I failed to consider the salt it adds to the wound of breaking up . . . that horrible moment when you have to strategically figure out how to unlink with the least visibility. Ugh. So, never again!!! At least, not until I can switch it to “engaged.”)

3. July 17, 2011 – Anywhere, USA. This one breaks my heart. After breaking up with He Who Shall Not Be Named on Fourth of July, combined with other things going on – stressors at work, shifting dynamics in other friendships in my life – I felt like something major had to be done to shake things up. I can still put myself back in the car, driving home from the airport that night, my vision blurred by rain and tears, determined to pack up and leave everything behind. The next day? Well, the next day, He Who Shall Not Be Named called.

4. November 9, 2011 – Viva Las Vegas. August, September and October passed . . . He Who Shall Not Be Named and I started dating again. Not without me giving him a slight run for his money, but it was inevitable we were getting back together. The time off served us well. I think we both learned things about ourselves and made us realize that we had walked away from something with so much potential. And in the months since, He Who Shall Not Be Named’s gone out of his way and done so much to show me in his actions how much he cares about me (I can only hope he can say the same about me :). This trip to Vegas is the epitome of that.

5. December 1, 2011 – December Defriending. Oh, Facebook. Funny how it is a major theme in two of my top 5 posts. In addition to having all my dating ups and downs this year . . . a lot of other stuff has been going on, too. I’ve focused on trying to simplify my life this year, decluttering and purging a lot of unnecessary drama and stress. As a result, some friendships this year have been put to the test and it’s really made me consider what the meaning of a true friend is. A good reminder we all need now and again!

And that, my friends, is my 2011 in a nutshell!! Can’t wait to ring in the New Year with a delicious dinner and a fun night in with some good friends!!!

Hope everyone had an amazing 2011 and here’s to an ever better 2012!!!


  1. I hope to see you FBO again sometime. 🙂

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