25 days

If it weren’t for the last minute, I wouldn’t get anything done. ~Author Unknown

I am the queen of procrastination. I am always running around at the last minute hoping to pull things together. I know I would probably be a lot less stressed and free up a lot of time if I were to just keep myself on task.

My group of friends has started a rotating “dinner and a movie night” and tonight is my turn to host. In the spirit of Halloween, we’re watching The Exorcist and chowing down on movie snacks. I’ve known for some time now I need to actually GET the movie The Exorcist to watch, and now it’s 4 hours before the event, and I still don’t have it. Though, it has been located and procured – I just need to run out to a Best Buy right after work, thankfully one semi-close had it (all Blockbusters were out or did not carry it and my preferred Best Buy didn’t have it either), and then I’ll run on home to try and vacuum and make it look like I don’t live in a complete sty.

This morning I was also scrambing to put together a presentation for a 9:00 AM meeting, again, something I’ve known about for weeks and just got around to doing it.

Though, getting up in the morning is arguably my most procrastinated task, I consistently hit the snooze button over and over and typically don’t even roll out of bed until I tehcnically am suppose to already be at work. (Though, I do work through lunch quite often and work late, so it’s really not a major deal, it’d just be nice if I could get my day going early and on time.)

Procrastination really should be my middle name. I’m not sure that’s a trait I’ll ever overcome.


  1. I think it must be a Scorpio thing….your fellow Scorpio does the same thing here! Hope you are having a great Friday!!!

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