30 blogs until 30

One month from today I will be turning 30. I’m really starting to have a bit of an internal panic about it.

I’m not ready for 30 (but, 30, is obviously ready for me) and I feel like I still have a score to settle with my 20s before I can confidently move on.

When I turned 20, I was always told people change the most in their 20s. I always thought that was a load of crap. I thought for sure I knew myself and what I wanted from life. I had no doubt in my mind at that time that I would get whatever it was that I wanted. A great job, a loving and loyal husband, cute kids if I so chose (though, at 20 I was concinved I never wanted kids) – I just thought it was all a part of the package in adulthood and that those things would come naturally and easily. Ha!

So, for the last 30 days until 30, I’m going to aim to make peace with my 20s. I want to forgive them for not living up to what they originally promised and to thank them for shaping me into who I am today instead.
I am going to make it a goal to blog once a day about something from the past decade – about a lesson learned, a hope, a fear, a defining moment. A little tribute to the decade that chewed me up and all but spit me out. As a result, my hope is I’ll enter the new decade with a little lighter load and a quieter mind.
30 blogs until 30.


  1. Looking forward to your blogs, but I promise turning 30 doesn’t hurt much. =)

  2. I am excited to read your blogs! 30 will suit you just fine….besides you still look like you are in your early 20’s…that is all that matters, right!? Love ya!!!

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