30 weeks

I had my 30 week appointment today! The last half of pregnancy sure flies!! (Though, I don’t anticipate the last month will. I have two friends due six and three weeks ahead of me . . . so once they have their babies and I’m the last one standing, I’m sure I’m going to feel like time starts dragging.)

Our appointment today consisted of an ultrasound to check baby’s kidneys and the usual OB check-in to listen to baby’s heartbeat, check my fundal height, and to answer any questions that have cropped up.

We got great news – while one kidney is still mildly dilated, it’s still nothing to worry about. We don’t need to check again until his final growth scan at 36 weeks.

Then we got to spend a lot of time looking at him. The tech checked my amniotic fluid, which I’m always worried about, and it’s measuring within normal limits. And she also checked his growth and with all of his measurements he averaged out to measuring two weeks ahead!

His head and tummy are his biggest areas . . . his head is measuring FOUR weeks ahead and his tummy is THREE weeks ahead! He is estimated to weigh 3.5 pounds. I have always had a feeling he was going to be a big baby. I don’t think he’s going to disappoint!

He was being stubborn about letting us see his face. As usual, he was folded in half and had his legs and arms covering his face up. He’s also now breech, which explains the CONSTANT pressure on my bladder – his little butt is sitting right on it. And his head is stuck up near my right ribs – I didn’t know before today if it was his head or butt – but I love feeling for and rubbing his little head! He’s ALWAYS on my right side, and it’s so crazy how I can tell where he is now and feel body parts.

This is the amazing part of pregnancy that I am LOVING!

We still have lots of time for him to spin back to head down from the breech position, but in the event he doesn’t, it would just mean a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks. He is a crazy little mover in there, so I will be really surprised if he doesn’t flip head down before 39 weeks. I have never had the sweet little kicks and punches . . . when he moves it’s like he’s throwing himself around with a purpose to prove a point.

We did finally get a little sneak peek at his face – AND HE SMILED AT US!!! And I totally think he looks like me right now . . .

I can’t believe THAT’s HIM! Like, that’s what he looks like!

Lots of !!!!!! in this post, but I am SO in love with my baby!!!

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