Well, another birthday came and went on Friday and now I’m 33.

I tend to like odd numbers better than evens, so I’m hoping 33 will bring great things.

Thirty-three came and went without much fan-fare and was spent mostly traveling home after ten days on the road that covered 8 different airports and over 10,000 miles.

The first part of our journey was spent back in Kauai with friends Jason and Melissa at their timeshare. We were last there in May 2011, when we were barely dating . . . I broke my hand and overall had an iffy experience. He Who Shall Not Be Named didn’t have particularly fond memories either, but we didn’t think twice at the invite to go back in an attempt to redeem our opinion of the island. We definitely had a much better experience and a lot more fun this time around . . . we mostly just relaxed, ate some good food, and went snorkeling one day.

Unfortunately, the ocean always seems to get the best of us . . . and He Who Shall Not Be Named lost his wedding ring in the Pacific on our snorkel adventure. (We joke there is a blinged-out dolphin out there wearing my Chanel sunglasses I lost on our honeymoon in Mexico and now also sporting He Who Shall Not Be Named’s ring.)

Though, the snorkeling was still pretty awesome . . . the sea turtles we saw were pretty amazing . . . though, I swear our snorkel guide tried to haze me. I told him I was afraid of the open water and broke my hand on that beach before. So, he took me out first and had me hold his fins while I just floated around on my back waiting for him to swim back in and get everyone else settled in. I ended up last to get my mask on and I was exhausted from treading water that entire time. So I wasn’t his biggest fan. Then, toward the end of our tour, my mask started leaking and salt water was burning my eyes. I kept stopping to try and fix it and he kept yelling at me, “It’s NOT going to kill you! It’s just water!”


I got so frustrated at him, which he took as me panicking, and then he forced me to float on my back again . . . “M’am you are hyperventilating. You need to get on your back and calm down.”



Oh, Lordy.

Anyway, snorkeling and the sea turtles were super cool. Ring loss and crazy snorkel guide aside.

I do not think I’ll ever do anything in an open body of ocean again, though . . . aside from putting my feet in the surf. I really have no desire to wade, snorkel, jet ski, or anything else water related. I’m set.

After 6.5 days in Kauai, He Who Shall Not Be Named and I had to make our way to DC for a black-tie event his company produced the videos for. After 24 hours door-to-door, I crashed for a whole day in lieu of any sightseeing to rest up for the event. It was an award banquet honoring Hilary Clinton, so I got to shake her hand and get our photo taken with her. It was definitely a fun and different experience and quite the contrast to having just sat on the beach in Hawaii a couple days before. The only bummer was the photo was at the worst angle of me and I look like a puffy balloon.

After all that, we got home on my birthday, had a quiet dinner with my parents, then spent the rest of the weekend at home and then had a football party on Sunday. (YAY BRONCOS!)

I feel like I’m just so far behind on updating on here . . . I still haven’t written about our Boundary Water trip in August. Probably because He Who Shall Not Be Named sits and sits and sits on photos and it’s not as much fun to share stories without photo evidence.

I’m really looking forward to the holidays – we’re spending Thanksgiving at home and then splitting the week of Christmas in Mexico with friends, in KC with He Who Shall Not Be Named’s family, and back here to celebrate with my parents, too.

Gotta get in the air miles while we still can! I suppose that’s been one silver lining to being childless this year is getting in lots of adventures.

It’s so crazy to think 2013 is starting to wrap up . . . what an insane year.

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