365 days of legally single

This month has really gotten away from me. I’ve been horrible about blogging and keeping in touch with my peeps outside of the Denver-metro area and for that I am sorry!!! Being away from home for such long hours now and getting more entrenched in my new job really wears me down! I barely even had time to dwell on the fact that this weekend marked a full year since my divorce was legally finalized!!! I can barely believe it. No, strike that. I can!
A year ago, on September 25th, I had gone to get a massage at Massage Envy, one of the few left to use on my old family plan. On my drive home, I got a text from the ex saying it had been final, he received the papers in the mail. Sure enough, checking my mail that night, I had the papers waiting for me, too. I fixed myself a cup of tea and sat in silence for a few hours that night. Trying to simply stop and wrap my head around it all, the pain so raw, I never imagined the day it wouldn’t hurt anymore.
This year, there is no trace of sorrow! Instead of crying into a cup of tea, I had a crazy, action packed weekend filled with more belly laughs than I probably had in one whole year of my sad marriage. Though, this is me we’re talking about, so of course a tad bit of drama was still sprinkled in.
Saturday the usual suspects and I headed downtown for Oktoberfest, Denver style. It was lots of fun and we ran into a lot of people we knew along the way. We chowed down on bratwurst, macaroons and beer. We ended the night relatively early (midnight?). On the light rail home, a friend of a friend rode the train with us, and she had just turned 21. We didn’t really know her at all, but she had drank too much and started getting sick on the train (thank goodness for the barf bags the train guys handed out!!!). As if that wasn’t enough, she decided a bad hang over was a 911 worthy incident, and before we knew it, she had dialed for them and was shoving the phone in another friend’s ear, requesting an ambulance meet us at her light rail stop. Yikes. Everyone on the train was staring at our group.
Fast way forward – our trip home involved 3 light rail stops, an EPI pen (thank goodness it didn’t end up being used, I thought they needed to be stabbed into the heart, that would have been bad, very bad), a visit with a couple cute EMTs (who, guess what, cleared her! she was simply . . . you know it . . . drunk!), and a long wait for the last train home after dropping said 21 year old with a disgruntled roommate. It was almost a 3 hour journey by the time I was home safe in my bed. I was EXHAUSTED (not to mention feeling old after caring for someone 9 years my junior, ugh) and part of me wished we could have just left her with the EMTs to deal with. However, I am a firm believer in the buddy system and I couldn’t have lived with myself just leaving her to fend on her own. Hopefully it’s a little good karma to add to the bank.
Sunday, despite the crazy late night, a group of us had plans to hit the mountains in the morning to enjoy the fall atmosphere. But, fall really wasn’t anywhere to be found. Eighty degree temps were, what gives?! Mega fun was still had by all. We ate pop rocks and pixie sticks, played lots of “words with friends” (i.e. scrabble) on everyone’s iPhones (I’m the only BlackBerry left in the bunch, boo), and sang Michael Jackson songs with all the car windows rolled down while we waited in traffic on I-70 back into the city that afternoon. All the cars around us were staring, some clapped and danced with us, this time around, we didn’t mind being stared at (as opposed to attention we drew on the train the night before).

I have to wonder how many more [single years] I’ll have, hahaha . . . however, honestly, if they are all filled with such great friends and great times as this past year has been, I think I’ll be just fine.

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