7 months


November 30, 2014


Ok, time. Slooooow down!! I feel like I JUST posted Charlie was six months.

Now Charlie is SEVEN months old?!?

Lord have mercy!

I think he’s in the midst of a huge milestone phase. In the past week alone he has become a new baby! So alert – diving and grabbing for things he sees, understanding when I say “I’m making you a bottle”, and becoming more and more mobile. He’s still not crawling or showing signs of doing it anytime in the immediate future, but he HAS learned how to roll/shimmy/scoot to about anywhere he wants to go. He loves tipping over his toy bucket and digging through it to find his favorite things. He’s slowly getting stronger and able to sit on his own for a minute here and there. (My goal is for him to be able to sit in a santa suit under the Christmas tree before Christmas, haha.)

He is consistently eating solids now. It took a couple weeks for him to get the hang of it and for me to find that “sweet spot” in the day when he really wants to eat. He prefers to feed himself, but doesn’t understand the concept of having to give the spoon back to get a refill. He makes super sweet “mmm” and “yuuuummm” sounds when he eats – love this cutie pie!!!



We go to the doc on Friday and will get a weight check – I think this will be a GREAT month for growth and I’m betting he’s closing in on 15 lbs!!!! Or so I hope!!!

I also spent his seven month birthday putting up Christmas decorations. My parents came over and Gramps was in charge of Charlie while Gran and I moved furniture and got the tree up. I wasn’t feeling Christmas spirit-y AT ALL, not until I survived Thanksgiving. But, now I’m SO excited for baby’s first Christmas!!!

Charlie won’t remember a thing about his first Christmas, so it’s ALL for me, but I’m happy to admit that. I went on a mini-shopping spree for him and have lots of sweet things to wrap for him under the tree. I got him a personalized stocking and also started his Hallmark Keepsake ornament collection. I have a whole bunch of dated ornaments from my childhood that I have for my tree now as an adult and I’m so excited to collect them for him!



Stay tuned for later in the week . . . I’m going to post a day in the life of Charlie and link up with some friend’s blogs who will be sharing the same!

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