9 days

Time flies when you’re having fun. And even when you’re not.
Single digits already, really?
One thing that has flown by is the time on my lease. I signed for 18 months and now in just a couple months I need to make the decision to move or extend. It’s funny, because 18 months at the time seemed forever. But, it’s really not.
Weighing on my mind today is my current dilemma of if I should move at the end of my lease or not. I have a couple months to decide, but I should probably start researching it, since I don’t want to make any impulse decisions one way or another.
I really don’t want to move: 1) I hate moving, and 2) I love my apartment. I’m settled here. I love the location (as much as I’d love to be a true city girl, I have to admit, I love the suburbs). And, most importantly, I feel safe and secure.
But, realistically, I could find another super cute place in a good neighborhood for a few hundred a month cheaper, and in the long run, that could really speed up my journey to financial peace. Ideally, I could see about moving into a one bedroom in my current complex, which I think is one option I may look into first. I really don’t need the extra den space anymore since I am not working from home.
It’s just a really tough decision that I really need to put some thought into. I am definitely leaning towards staying put, but mostly because that’s the easiest thing to do, and easy doesn’t always equal best thing to do.
So, we’ll see. I’ve still got time to look into it, but as we know, time flies, and I’m sure before I know it I’ll be signing on the dotted line of one lease or another here pretty soon.

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