9 month baby update


Charlie turned 9 months old on Friday!!!

I have been crying about everything lately. EVERYTHING! Not sad tears. Or happy tears. But, those sentimental MOM tears. Just the THOUGHT of newborn Charlie makes me sob. I want to stop the clock, or even turn it back, and not let my baby grow up. As fun as it is to see him grow and come into his personality, it’s all happening so fast. Too fast! Before I know it, I’ll be packing him off the college!!!!!!

This past month has been marked with HUGE changes – he mastered sitting unassisted, got in his top two front teeth, and started army crawling! (He JUST started the army crawl ON his 9 month birthday!) I had to put a corral up in the living room to contain him and buy me some time to properly child proof before he starts pulling up. I never let him out unsupervised, but when I let him have free reign (while I watch) he keeps trying to crawl under the coffee table and gets his big noggin’ stuck.

He loves pickles, peanut butter and hummus. He loves jumping in his jumperoo and playing peek-a-boo, which is the best way to get the biggest belly laughs out of him. (That or to sit and make funny faces, which I do a lot behind the camera to get videos of his laugh.) He can sit in high chairs at restaurants now and actually really likes being a part of meals. (He hasn’t ridden in a shopping cart officially yet, I tried once but the seat belt was broken and he was too tiny without it.) He never took to a pacifier (not without me trying and begging and wishing he would!), but he LOVES his muslin blankets. He always has to have one (or 3) in his crib and one on the floor with him while he plays.

He’s got such a big personality, this kid. He’s very loud and vocal and is always hollering or blowing raspberries or making some kind of dinosaur sound (no “mamas” over here yet). He’s starting to be quite a handful, he needs a lot more interaction than he did as a younger infant and is always looking to me for reactions to things. He recognizes faces and gets very excited when he sees his dad, Gran or Gramps.

Today was his 9 month well baby visit and for the first time EVER – he’s actually GAINING on the growth curve!!! He’s been hovering right at the 1st percentile for weight, but today he was 4th percentile! This is huge, considering we lost almost half a pound two months ago due to croup. I had huge mom guilt on my shoulders when I had to stop pumping and switch him to formula and that was when his weight gain started plateauing. I cannot tell you the relief I have now that he’s REALLY gaining!!!

His stats:

Weight – 16 lbs, 3.8 oz (4th percentile)

Height – 25.5″ (1st percentile – no surprise there since mom and dad are shorties!)

Head – forget the measurement, but it’s 88th percentile!!!! YIKES!

His milestones are still adjusted and compared against his due date (and will be until age 2), and for motor, social and problem solving skills he did great! We’re lagging a bit in the communication department – mainly because he doesn’t repeat sounds (unless it’s a raspberry) or make a lot of repeating consonant sounds like ma, ga, da, ka, etc. His babbling has started changing intonation and sounds lately, so I’m hopeful we might get a “mama” out of him soon.

He also had his first visit to the dentist! He has a discolored spot on one of his top teeth that came in, so his pediatrician called up to a pediatric dentist in the same medical plaza who was able to see him while we were out today. The dentist confirmed it was merely cosmetic and most likely the result of antibiotics or a high fever I might have had while he was in utero. I never had any fevers, but I did have antibiotics, so that’s a bummer. Thankfully, it should fade and also not affect his permanent teeth.  We joke he has a smoker’s tooth and are trying to convince him to quit . . .

So, it’s been a pretty exciting month for Charlie and it doesn’t seem it will be slowing down anytime soon! I guess I better get my kleenex out and get used to this! Though, no matter how old he is, he’ll still always be my little Charlie Bear.

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