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So, a couple of my [twin!] mama friends wrote posts to capture a day in the life of their . . . well, lives. Both of those women amaze me and inspire me and I’m really lucky to call them friends. I met them through a Due Date Group and so we’ve been together through our entire pregnancies and now infancy.

(Sara was even one of my friends out to lunch with me when I was, unknowingly, going into labor! I remember feeling like such a baby complaining about what I thought were just Braxton Hicks to a mama-to-be carrying twins like a champ. I guess now I don’t feel like such a baby considering I had one just a few days later and I was really in labor – ha!)

Anyway, I have decided to do my own “a day in the life of” and share with you all what a typical day looks like in our household.

First – curious how twin moms do it all? Visit SaraDear and Modern Twin Family to find out! (Warning: these ladies will make you feel super duper lazy, but might inspire you to go clean your kitchen, so consider it a win.)

Now, curious how a single mom does it on a typical weekday?

I’ll admit I feel silly saying, “I’m a single mom!”, because that implies I don’t have help. The truth is, I seriously do have so much help and support, it’s amazing. Between S, my parents, and wonderful girlfriends who are always a phone call or text away for a kind word – I am always reminded I don’t have to do this alone.

Anyway . . . on to an average day where I don’t work . . .

It’s 7:13 AM. Charlie is babbling in his crib and I can hear him pounding on the mattress. I’m tired. So tired. He was up Every Two Hours the night before. I don’t know if he’s teething or what, but I gave him ibuprofen and that didn’t seem to put a dent in anything. I make a note to email my doula and ask for help because I just can’t keep functioning on naps throughout the night anymore. (Yes, my doula I didn’t get to birth with – boo – but she’s also a sleep trainer, so – yay!)

My bed feels ssoooo comfortable, though. This pillow . . . this blanket . . . it’s all so Heavenly!!! His squawks are now turning into screams. The dogs just came in and are wagging their tails and making Earth shattering noise on the door. The cat is standing on my head meowing and hollering because he wants me to refill his water dish,

Ok, message received, people, I’m getting up!!!

I drag my exhausted self into the nursery, cursing slightly under my breathe and calculating in my head when I might be able to nap next . . . but, all of those thoughts disappear when I am met with THIS super sweet smiling, giggling face!!!! (He’s SO lucky he’s cute!) I don’t care if I never sleep again! This face is SO worth it all! All of it!!!


I snatch him up and give him a BIG hug and lots of kisses!!!! My heart explodes!!!

It’s 8:00 AM. I’ve changed a diaper, given him his first dose of reflux medicine, plopped him on his play mat and sprinkled books and toys around him, let the dogs outside, fed the dogs, watered the cat, and made myself a cup of coffee. This would be a GREAT time to pop a load of laundry in the washer . . . buuuuut . . . I don’t. I have ALL day! Why now??! Instead, I’m on my laptop reading my June ’14 baby board on Facebook. There is a thread about milestones and a roll call to ask who has babies who are cruising furniture and speaking words.

What?!?!? SPEAKING?! CRUISING?!? These are six and seven month olds!!! (Charlie is the oldest June baby, born first, but his milestones have not caught up to that of an April baby yet and so I still compare him against his June peers. That’s where I go wrong . . . NEVER compare your baby. Never. But, as moms, we do it anyway.)

I read through the 50+ comments about how advanced everyone’s baby is. Someone posts an article about how advanced baby milestones can predict gifted-ness when they are older children. Oh Lordy, really?! Not buying it.

I look down at Charlie and he is reading a book. (And by reading, I mean trying to eat it.) He smiles and giggles at me. I don’t need to compare him. I am okay that he is not crawling yet. He has loads of time for that. (And I need loads more time to baby proof the house.) He is the one and only him, he is all mine mine mine, and he is going to be amazing.

I mean, I just taught him the game of rolling a ball back and forth and high fiving. I’m confident he’s going to be Just. Fine.

I put down my laptop and resolve to stay off the internet for the rest of the day. Well, maybe just for the morning at least . . .

It’s 9:30 AM. Charlie has had his first bottle and is taking a cat nap in his rock ‘n play. I’ve managed to gather all the dirty bottles and have them soaking in the sink. I unloaded the dishwasher and am feeling pretty accomplished. As a reward, I’m back on the dang internet. WHHHYYYY? Why can’t I put it down?!? Seriously, I’m going to go put in a load of laundry and stay on a productive role!!!

It’s then I realize I haven’t talked to the bestie all morning and have just played phone tag with her. So, instead of grabbing that load of laundry, I finally catch her on G-Chat. I remind myself I still have aalllll day. The laundry can wait! I’ll do it ALL this afternoon! I swear!

 It’s 12:30 PM. WHERE IS THIS DAY GOING? It’s afternoon and I haven’t done a damn thing! I wasted an entire Charlie nap time and only managed to finish washing bottles and get sucked down the black hole of Pinterest. I haven’t even eaten breakfast! Seriously, WHAT have I been doing? Obviously NOT the laundry! But, I look down only to be met with THIS FACE and once again the laundry idea is sssooo 5 minutes ago and can continue to wait . . .


It’s 2:00 PM. After two hours of sitting in a baby ball pit, reading a book about animals, and bouncing around in his jumperoo, I realize I haven’t offered him solids yet today. (I’m still trying to find the sweet spot time for him to eat and be interested. It’s trial and error right now.) So, I set him up in his high chair and offer up his favorite puree – pumpkin, peach, apple cinnamon! He eats the whole pouch – win! (For my friends who swear by BLW . . . I just can’t do it. I’m terrified, TERRIFIED of choking. So, traditional baby food purees it is.)

I clean him up while he hollers at me – he HATES when I mess with his face – and then I prepare a bottle and get him ready for his last nap of the day.

He distractedly drinks 75% of his bottle and then slaps it out of his mouth to indicate he’s done. I let him know it’s time for nap again and plop him in his crib, give him a kiss, and walk right on out.

Now, for a kid who doesn’t STAY asleep for long enough increments for my liking, he sure LOVES his crib. He smiles and laughs and bounces around until he bundles up his blankey and nods off.


It’s 4:00 PM. Nap time is over. It’s time to lather, rinse, repeat . . . rather, ball pit, books, jumperoo . . . until it’s time to get ready for bed. (Oh, did I get anything done during this nap time? Why yes I did! I SORTED laundry into piles! That totally counts!)

It’s 5:30 PM. Time for reflux medicine dose #2. I will be SO glad when he doesn’t need this anymore! He has to get it at least an hour after eating and 30 minutes before eating. He hasn’t always been on such a predictable schedule, so it used to be really hard to time it just right. If it’s not timed right, it results in lots of spit up. Looooots of pink medicine tinted spit up.

Now we’re a ticking time bomb until bedtime. Baby loves bedtime. And it can be hard to get him all the way to 6:00 PM. But, he’s napped well today (thank goodness!) so the rest of the evening should be a breeze.

And tonight is a special treat, because it’s bath night!

He used to get bathed once a week IF he was lucky. He hated bath time when he was a newborn, thus we hated bath time, too. He didn’t mind it when he was swaddled, like I was taught in the NICU, but everyone thought I was a nut bag for swaddling him in the tub, so I didn’t do it much once we got home. He only recently started loving baths, so now I try to do them more often than not. (But, he has dry skin so still trying to strike the right balance.)

Anyway, now that he can sit up – we’ve recently graduated to his duck tub! He loves splashing around with all his toys. He’d stay in there all night if I let him.


And because I can’t resist . . . a pic from his very first bath!!! He fit in an itty bitty yellow hospital bin!


It’s 6:30 PM. Charlie has been bathed, changed into his PJs, had his bedtime bottle, and is already sound asleep. I’ve turned off his nightlight, filled his humidifier and I’m back downstairs, rounding up bottles to get them ready for the night/next day.

I run around and do a quick sweep to tidy up, but I’m distracted by some chocolates on the counter. I realize I need to eat dinner, so I stand in front of the fridge and piece sometime together while I resolve I will make myself a real meal the next night.

Standing there, I’m hit with a pang of guilt I didn’t do more around the house. There was no reason I couldn’t have thrown in a load of laundry. Or taken a clean load up to my bedroom.

Oh well.

When I flip back through the photos and videos I took from the day (I probably take TOO many!) I realize that the time I had with Charlie is priceless and I don’t care what state my house or laundry is in.

Not today.

And probably not tomorrow, either.

My time as a stay-at-home-mom has an expiration date now and I refuse to take a single day, hour, minute or second for granted when it comes to soaking up as much Charlie as I can.

(Ok, except for those quick breaks I take surfing my June ’14 Mommies board or Pinterest . . . but, I’m totally still interacting with Charlie when I do, because he actively dives for my phone and sometimes wins. I ordered him a phone of his own so he’ll leave mine alone . . . )

I watch him on the monitor, snuggled up with his blanket, sleeping like a baby.

My baby.

I know I’ll be up at least twice, if not more, feeding and comforting him throughout the night . . .  come morning, it’ll be another battle to get up and I might . . . no, I will . . . complain under my breath how hard it is to pick my head off the pillow each morning.

But, in this moment, watching his sweet face – I miss him. I actually look forward to him waking so I can hold him and rock him.

Most of all, I look forward to morning, when I walk into the nursery and see his smiles and he reaches out for me and I am reminded how worth this exhaustion is.

All of it.

I would stay exhausted for eternity if it meant I could stay in that one sweet moment forever.

Tears rush to my eyes and I’m overwhelmed with love for this tiny human.

FullSizeRender (2)

I think how motherhood is everything that and nothing like I expected it to be all rolled in to one.

I have lived for this day. And I can’t wait for tomorrow!


  1. I love reading “A day in the life’s”. Thanks for sharing yours! I don’t know where all of my time goes either sometimes..

  2. I love this. You are amazing at what you do! Don’t forget that. Your laundry pile does not define you!! I love, love, love this post. You’re a super writer. And a glimpse into your day is so fun. 🙂 Keep on keepin on, Mama. We all heart you and Charlie!

  3. Love this! I am so glad I got to “meet” you though the adventure of pregnancy and now we tackle the new adventure of parenting with our fun boys who don’t care about what the milestone chart says!

  4. I totally feel you on the bath thing. My little one liked them when she was on the kitchen counter, but once we moved to the bathroom. Which in return makes me not want to bathe her very often. She is doing better now and likes to pay a bit but she doesn’t like to lean back to rinse her hair much.
    Thank you for hosting with us for the day in the life link up!

  5. Can you believe this was over 2 months ago?? Isn’t it crazy how little they were then?

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