a day late and a [dairy] short

Yesterday, Charlie turned 3 months!!!!!

His stats:

10 lbs 4 oz – 0.56 %tile
21.25 inches – 0.02 %tile
Head circumference – 40.3 CM, a whopping 46th %tile

We also learned he has a milk protein allergy (cows milk). He is 100% breast milk fed, so what does that mean? I have to go dairy-free or put him on a hypoallergenic formula. Boo!!!

It also means all the milk frozen in my stash is unusable – about 350 ounces worth. Bummer. (I know I could donate, I may pursue that in another month or so.)

That is only about 2 weeks worth, but that stash was my back-up for when I didn’t have time to pump and ran out of fresh in the fridge. It’s really stressful now knowing I have to really be diligent to stay on top of his needs. We went ahead and picked up some of the special formula so he’d have something to eat. He’s had a few bottles at night to get used to it and also soothe his tummy while I’m getting off the dairy. He will eat it, but he doesn’t like it and it made me cry giving it to him. It smells like dog food.

(No, there is nothing wrong with formula, but it’s very important to me to have him primarily on breast milk until he is at least starting to eat solids. And we don’t have our pick of formulas – he has to be on a hypoallergenic one, so options are limited at finding one he might like.)

So, we’ll just supplement as needed and I’m going to modify my diet for him. I love my baby more than I love ice cream and cheese. Now THAT’S a lot. A LOT of love, you guys – considering ice cream and cheese are my two FAVORITE foods!!!!

He Who Shall Not Be Named came home with some coconut milk ice cream for me and that will definitely meet my ice cream cravings for now! And I can always fall back on slushies for a sweet treat . . . or dairy free frappucinnos . .  .

In other health news, we also discovered he has a heart murmur due to a hole in his heart. It’s a fairly common condition and will likely resolve on its own. Even if it doesn’t, it won’t require any additional follow-up. However, at his cardiology appointment for his murmur, they discovered an irregular heartbeat. Sometimes it would skip a beat, other times speed up and have extra beats. So, he came home with a heart monitor he’s wearing for 24 hours to get a clear picture of his heart rhythms. We’ll know more about what it all means next week. Hopefully it’s another benign thing that he’ll grow out of or just need some short term meds for.

In FUN news . . . he’s starting to SMILE! FINALLY! In the mornings especially he is very smiley! (After he’s eaten and changed!) He’s even given us a few laughs!

He’s gotten very observant – he will follow people and things with his eyes and listens now. He also loves looking at himself in the mirror.

He’s still not super controlled with his neck yet and needs support. It’s because his head is super huge for his body and his neck muscles need to catch up again! He was rolling over from his tummy to back, but he hasn’t done it since his head went through a growth spurt.

He still sleeps a lot – we don’t get a ton of awake time and he gets overstimulated very quickly. But, he’s still only 5 weeks adjusted, so that’s very normal. We’re very much still in a newborn eat, poop, awake, sleep pattern. Sometimes skipping the awake part and sometimes cycling every 2 hours!

I’m a VERY tired mama. But, these days are fleeting. I will get sleep soon enough.

It still amazes me how much more I love this baby every day. I keep thinking it’s not possible to love him more and then I wake up every day to his sweet face and my heart expands even more.

I love being a mama!!!


  1. Going dairy free is really a commitment! I am super proud of you! As far as the milk you have saved up- definitely look into donating it if you can- you could bless a family so so so much! Think of how much it would mean to you!

    Anyway love you girl, you are doing amazingly!!

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