a forever friend

I’ve been volunteering at the Dumb Friends’ League now for five months. In that time, I’ve been honored to witness many happy endings and all the amazing things the league does for animals in need. Even when I read the often heart wrenching backgrounds on the animals that land themselves there “in jail,” I know I don’t have to be sad for long, because a special person is bound to come along and make that special pet his or her forever friend, as we call them. I haven’t really had the opportunity to get too emotionally attached or wrapped up in any specific story. Until this week.

Last Saturday, I met Cassie. She’s a very overweight, but cuddly and quiet, loving nine year old. Her bio says she loves to eat dorritos. I looked up her record to see why in the heck she was in there, when she was older gal and obviously well loved. The owner relinquishing her put on record that someone new in his household has allergies. That just upsets me so much. My cats will be 8 and 9 this year. The same age as Cassie. I could never in a million years part with them; they truly are my FOREVER friends. I would pick them over a new person in my life with allergies any day. Cat allergies are a deal breaker for me.
I decided to look online today to check on Cassie. And, sadly, she’s still at the shelter. Like last weekend, I imagine she’s sitting quietly by the door, staring at the window like she’s waiting for her “forever” friend to come back and pick her up. Cassie has no clue she was just traded in for her old owner’s new girlfriend who probably just didn’t like Cassie’s hair on her black pea coat or finding paw prints on the kitchen counters. Allergies, my ass.
My heart breaks for Cassie. If I was in a position to have a 3rd cat, I would go get her right now. I hope she’s adopted by Saturday . . . :(.

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