a pleasant surprise

I had a date last night! Another guy from a dating site (the membership fee one). It actually went well and I’m really pleased!

I went in with somewhat low expectations after the other yahoos and their mixed signals. Also, the first time I talked to him on the phone, he was at the gym, “pumping iron.” He literally answered the phone to chat while he was lifting weights. I immediately got a picture of one of those vain guys, looking at themselves in the mirror, only dating the best looking girls. So, I think I had this image in my head of him and couldn’t imagine he’d be interested in me. However, in the first minute of meeting it was apparent I had it all wrong and I’d like to think answering the phone at the gym, simply meant he didn’t want to miss my call (or so I’ll tell myself, haha).

He was cute, chatty, and laid back. It was nice to not have to pull teeth to keep a conversation going, like I often have to do when I meet new people these days. I just really enjoyed his company and the conversation was easy.

Towards the end, he made mention he wanted to get together again. I wasn’t sure if/when he’d really make that happen, but he texted me an hour after our date ended to say how much he enjoyed meeting me.

My spirits have truly been lifted at the prospect of getting to know him better :). It’s simply refreshing to have a good experience and have my confidence boosted a little.

There’s hope out there yet!


  1. Of course there’s hope! Glad you’re date went well. He sounds like a nice guy.

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