adios august

It’s hard to believe today is the last day of August. August, a month which has signified so many major changes for me in my life, has come and gone in a flash. Just a testament to the fact that life goes on and doesn’t stop for us to catch our breath, we just have to keep moving forward.

Last night, as I mentioned yesterday, I met up with a new divorcee support group. I was anxious as all get out. While I am not shy, it was definitely nothing I had ever done before. Thankfully my nervousness only lasted through the drive there and then for about 10 seconds after entering the restaurant/bar. It didn’t take long to spot the group and the awkward moment of walking up and introducing myself was over as soon as it started. Everyone made me feel welcome right away and before I knew it, we were all chatting up a storm. I made some new friends and I look forward to getting know more people through the group.
About two hours into the evening, karaoke started. I LOVE karaoke! Close friends know I am not afraid to get up there and belt out a tune, yet I wasn’t sure how I would feel doing so in a brand new group, so essentially, in a room full of 100% strangers. However, I threw my self consciousness to the wind, and got up there and just did it. And what a liberating experience it was! I think there might be some video of me singing that may surface. If so, I will share.
Before I end my lunch break and get back to work, I wanted to share another great passage in my book. It’s the singles’ pledge, which I decided to “take:”

The Singles’ Pledge:
There are happy singles and unhappy singles;
there are happy marrieds and unhappy marrieds;
there are happy living-aloners and unhappy living-aloners.
Regardless of my status, I choose happy.

No more sitting around
waiting for someone to call.
It’s Saturday, and I’m stepping out.
I’ve got three fun things to do.
And I’m just the person to do them.
Join me if you can.
I’m not waiting.
I’m here! It’s me!
I light up the room.
Cheesy, yes, but it’s cute and it’s true!
Yes, life goes on.


  1. I need to follow this pledge!!!!

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