afternoon tea

On Friday, I shared a glass of bubbly, some comforting tea and delicious finger foods with my mom, He Who Shall Not Be Named’s mom, and April, at an afternoon tea at an old historic hotel downtown. We also shared in good conversation and everyone had the opportunity to get to know each other a little better. Afterwards, we went and had a styling appointment at the bridal salon where I purchased my dress, so that He Who Shall Not Be Named’s mom could pick out her Mother of the Groom outfit. (I feel very special that she came out here to visit to do that with me.)I also used the opportunity while we were all there to try on my dress, which is patiently being held there for me, to show the moms for the first time and to reconfirm it’s still the right one since I haven’t tried it on for a bit (and it is!). I accessorized and got myself outfitted from head to toe . . . and found myself getting giddy with excitement. And surrounded by those three special women giddy with excitement for me, too . . . I truly felt like a bride-to-be.

In the moment of crazy bridal bliss, I even broke down and bought a cheesy bridal iPhone case that says, “Gettin’ Hitched”. 

And I love it.

(I swear I will always draw the line at sweatpants that say “Future Mrs!!!!” on the butt.)

Just 82 days left until the big day!!!

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