all over creation and back

This is the longest I’ve left my little blog alone!!! Shame!!!

So, I’m popping by quickly to break the radio silence that has been my blog to share a touching post I read last week written by a single mother.

She writes about when you know it’s time to leave a marriage.

I certainly hope that’s not a topic any of my blog readers have to consider, nor is it one I will ever revisit (so help me God), but I still wanted to share because the post hit home to me . . . and while I rarely think of my divorce much anymore (people know me for months sometimes now without even knowing), the topic was on my mind briefly last week as I passed the two year mark of my un-marriage anniversary and in the midst of my reflection, I stumbled on that post and it touched me.

Anyway, two of my favorite points she makes in the post . . . first, she says, “We were young and dumb. The cosequences were adult and painful.” And, second, so simply put yet so crucial to the whole ordeal. . . “It gets better.”

‘Nuff said, really.

I certainly was at a point in my marriage where anything would have been better than staying, so being optimistic about the future and reminding myself life would get better was never hard for me (of course I had my dark moments, but I knew there was light, there was always light). But, I have to say now, sitting here almost 2.5 years after making the decision to start exiting stage left (wow, time flies), I am astounded at how much better life has turned out to be.

I am sitting at home tonight after 4 straight weekends on the road, traveling, almost literally, all over the US and back  . . . I’ve been all over Colorado on a road trip with April and Dan, spent time in Vail with He Who Shall Not Be Named and his best friend from college and his wife, went home to Des Moines with He Who Shall Not Be Named, and home to Nashville with April and Jeremy, and Dan in tow, too.

Every weekend was so very special in its own way – all time spent with people so near and dear to my heart, people who have become my Denver family over the past two years – it just makes me sit back and realize how much has changed in the past two years, how I went from starting completely over one day with a blank slate, no idea what was to come or who would come in to my life . . . to now, my slate is full. Full of life, love and laughter. How very happy I am for it. Being a happy-go-lucky person and truly being happy are two very different things, I have learned

And, I sure had to, in this case figuratively, go all over creation and back to get to this point today. But, it sure was worth it.


  1. Glad to hear things are much better! Sounds like you’ve been really busy!

  2. So glad you posted finally – I have missed it! Sounds like you are where you are supposed to be Alison and I am sooo happy for you! Next trip…C. Spgs! Right? I hope so!!!!

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