an i told you so moment

Those that know me, know that the idea of a wedding a few years ago would have been preposterous. If in all the chaos of moving back to Denver, someone had flashed me a magic eight ball that said in three years I’d be totally head over heels excited to marry an amazing guy . . . and that as a result I’d turned engagement and wedding crazed . . . obsessed with color palettes, visiting venues, organizing attendants, and gushing over cakes and dessert tables . . . well, I would have truly LOLed.I was completely and utterly convinced I’d marry with no fan fare . . . perhaps with even no witnesses, except a cool ocean breeze and a seagull (or whatever things fly around in Mexico) overhead.

(I was also convinced I’d never change my name . . . but now, I can’t imagine not.)

Most of my friends smiled and nodded when I went off on all those rants, probably knowing all along there would be an “I told you so” moment in there somewhere, even though now that that time has arrived, they are all too kind to say it.

Because, so it goes, when you meet right guy, everything truly changes. And everything I was so convinced of regarding marriage and everything that goes along with it . . . well, most of it has gone right out the window.

Mainly because I wasn’t taking into account the We that He Who Shall Not Be Named and I would become. The ideas we have for our marriage and our wedding aren’t just solely mine. And they aren’t just He Who Shall Not Be Named’s. But, rather, they are ours. And, at the core of it all, when you’re doing it with someone you love so much and have so much fun with . . . well, it’s impossible to not want to celebrate with family and friends and have a fabulous party!

So now, off we go, jumping head first into the crazy world of wedding planning . . .


  1. I’m so glad you’ve found happiness. I remember telling my mom many times how much fun I had with Mark. I think it truly is the basis for a solid relationship. Have fun wedding planning!!

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