and then there was light

And so the Christmas tree is up!

I had almost written off putting a tree up this year. Which is really unlike me. I just seemed to catch a case of the holiday blues and nothing sounded appealing about putting my tree up this year – especially doing it alone.

Thankfully, my parents decided to join me this evening to put it up with me and I am really happy they did. I have also caught a holiday head cold and am pretty miserable this evening – with aches and burning eyes and nose – so I definitely needed the help.

trimming the tree, my back is starting to hurt.
my seasons treatings hallmark keepsake series.
2010 – the latest and 2nd in the series.
a Christmas Toby.

I’m trying hard to fight the holiday blues – perhaps once I kick this cold, and maybe get some snow, I will start to feel better. I am actually going to catch some snow on Saturday – I am going to try my hand feet at snowboarding again for the first time in almost 5 years. Wish me luck . . . but don’t wish me to break a leg . . . I just might.

Now I am listening to my very own “All I Want for Christmas” channel on Pandora Radio through my new Roku (who knew canceling cable would be so great?), drinking Tension Tamer tea, and probably going to just fall asleep here on the couch for the night with my Christmas lights.


  1. Alison, you look great! I love your outfit and your hair! So stylish and cute!! I’m jealous!

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