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wildlife roam free out west.

I have been very Colorado this month. It started by traveling 3 hours west to Salida last weekend where S and I rafted on the Arkansas river that afternoon. We’d been talking about going rafting all summer, ever since kayaking together in Hawaii and learning when we’re given oars and put in water we actually make a really good team. So, we finally did it and it was a total blast!

(For those inquiring minds who stopped to go, “S?” Well . . . in a nut shell, after spending the month of July apart, we decided we missed spending time together. So, spending some time together is what we’ve decided to do. The end.)

We hit the road mid-morning with Starbucks and McDonald’s in hand and took the gorgeous drive out west. I haven’t been out to that area in almost 10 years and I was blown away at how gorgeous it was. Pictures never do this state justice:

When we got to the rafting place, we realized we were going to be paired with a family that had 3 young kids. Thinking it was going to be turbulent and grueling on the river, we were pretty disappointed, thinking it was going to be a rough ride with us doing all of the work. However, the water had gone down a lot and it was a pretty peaceful 4 hours on the water and we all had a great time rowing together. We even got to pull over on the bank and jump off a 20 foot cliff. I got up there and panicked, and He Who Shall Not Be Named had to all but push me off the edge. Worth it!

This weekend I headed to Boulder with Dan and April. We did the tour de food by first stopping for ice cream . . . where I had the best gelato ever in my life . . . key lime pie! Combining two of my favorite desserts = happy camper.

After having dessert first thing, we walked Pearl St and browsed in the shops, then hit up happy hour at a Mediterranean restaurant where everything was under $3 basically. So, we gorged on cheese and pita bread and mussels and sangria. We finished the afternoon by riding B-cycles around for a bit and contemplated going tubing down the creek, but the water felt ice cold to me so I was the party pooper.

I’m committed to making the rest of this year very Colorado . . . I want to get in a good hike or two before the weather turns and, of course, I need to get a move on putting a deposit on a ski pass for the year.

Next week? A concert at Red Rocks, which I’m uber excited for . . .

This summer is fast on its way out!


  1. I love, love, LOVE your state!! I can’t get enough of it really. Sorry we didn’t get to meet up. We were pretty busy during our time in Denver and I didn’t have a car to drive which kinda hindered things.

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