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true that!
awesome card from april.

After a few days of coming to terms with the fact things with T are officially done-zo (and a handful of “woe-is-me” moments), I am officially done being concerned with it. We had a brief text exchange earlier in the week where I passive-aggressively (I don’t usually like having to be passive-aggressive, but some people do deserve it at times) got the point across that I wasn’t thrilled with how I was being treated. He replied a day later with a weak response trying to excuse the situation away . . .

I responded with silence.

Now I’m picking myself back up and carrying on . . . I’ve joined the masses and I am trying out online dating. I had sworn it off last summer, but there is safety in numbers, and with all of my other single friends trying it out right now, I got the courage to do it again, too.

After wading through some interesting, some weird, some horrifying, some boring profiles and having a panicked “WTH am I doing on here/why did T have to be such a d-bag and leave me hanging?” moment . . . I knew I was going to be just fine when I fell in love-at-first-sight with a cute boy I’ve written briefly with over the weekend – he initiated contact with a really personable note and, assuming his profile isn’t full of lies, we appear to have a lot in common. He could very well end up being another ass I am better off without, but I guess taking the time to figure that out is what dating is all about.


  1. I love that new thing on the side of your blog “Be nice to me…”. HAHA! That’s funny! Good luck with online dating. I seriously used to LOVE reading people’s profiles.

  2. Think of it this way…it makes good fodder for your blog. 🙂

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