[big] baby steps!

Charlie is just growing by leaps and bounds! Every day he is changing and doing more and more. His little personality is REALLY shining through and every one who works with him just falls in love.

He is VERY vocal and demanding – a little temper definitely rears it’s ugly head when he wants something. But, when he gets what he wants, he is super happy to just hang out and snuggle. He is a GREAT snuggler! I could sit for hours in the recliner with him dozing off. He is also very alert for his age and after he eats before he falls asleep, I love to prop him up on my knees and sit with our faces together and talk and sing to him.

As of today, he has been taking enough of his meals by bottle that tomorrow they are going to pull his feeding tube!!!! That is HUGE!! Then he’ll just be under close observation to ensure he is meeting the proper food intake, maintains daily weight gain, and doesn’t have any heart decel incidents. We are eagerly anticipating the next several days and how he does as this will allow them to plan a firm date range for his discharge.

(We have to be prepared to take some steps back, he is still only 35 weeks as of tomorrow and still very young, so it wouldn’t be unheard of for him to decide he is too tired to work for all of his meals and to end up back on the feeding tube. Only time will tell – we have faith our baby is going to do GREAT!)

Up until today, he had specific care times every three hours when he’d get his tube feedings, diaper changes, etc. However, early this morning he decided he had enough of the nurses schedule and decided to make a schedule of his own. When I came in this morning for his 9 AM meal, I learned he couldn’t wait and was screaming and inconsolable at 7:30, so he ate early. That threw off his usual schedule, so we allowed him to continue to call the shots today. He did great asking for his food and was another good indicator he was ready to do a test run without his feeding tube.

That’s about all I can think of right now – I’m so exhausted. Utterly exhausted. I know I’ll be just as tired when he’s home, if not more so, but at least we’ll be in the comfort of our own home. Being at the hospital all day, every day, is absolutely emotionally draining.

Add to the exhaustion the panic to amass all the items we need for his homecoming and I feel like my head is spinning. People usually have time to slowly collect things in the final couple months and we’ve had to just go all out and buy in one fowl swoop. Everything from his crib mattress to diapers and wipes and medicine cabinet items to play mats and toys and his Mamaroo and bottles . . . I hadn’t even really THOUGHT about bottles since I thought I was going to be an exclusive breast feeder. Now being an exclusive pumper instead, that adds on a whole slew of other items we needed to collect I didn’t put any thought to when creating our registry.

So, it’s just A LOT of shopping happening in a VERY short time period and I feel so unorganized.

He Who Shall Not Be Named has been great letting me ramble off the items we need as I think of them. Then he researches the best option and has made two big Amazon orders and countless Target runs to collect everything. I think as of Monday we’ll finally have all the basics.

It’s crazy how fast our Friday nights changed from dinner and movie dates to me napping and washing infant clothing and He Who Shall Not Be Named running to Target with a list of infant items.

We have a son.

Still blows my mind!

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