Carly Cat.

The decision to get Carly was, as April puts it, the result of The Great Wedding Crash of 2012.

I had thrown myself into wedding planning last year, and the weekend came and went so fast. It was hard not to feel a little deflated once we were home from the honeymoon and to want something else, something BIG, to throw my energy into.
Apparently that manifested itself into the act of getting a puppy.
At times, in the early months when I was newly pregnant, sick and exhausted, I would curse the sky and wonder what I was thinking.
But, then I’d look back down at her little cartoon face, she’d excitedly whine and give me a kiss, and I’d remember exactly what I was thinking when I wanted her.
Carly is the sweetest dog ever and I am so happy she’s a member of our family. She has a wonderful temperament and I know will be a wonderful dog with future kids. She adores Reiley, and Reiley adores her back. She’s even great with the cats, too.
Overall, she’s not even really puppy-like. She’s pretty laid back and often a couch potato if you let her be.
But, she definitely has her moments. One side of our fence is short and she has successfully jumped it a couple of times if I’m not watching. And she’s starting to show an infinity for shoes . . . chewing shoes. She needs to learn to walk on the leash . . . and she’s pretty shy and skittish at times when she’s in an unknown environment, so she needs some more socialization . . . in short, she just needs some proper training to be the best dog she can be, so she’ll be happy and safe.
I also know I am not the person to train her. Even with weekly classes, I know I’d be awful about homework and I’d let her continue her bad habits anyway because I think she’s just so cute and I spoil her and I hate scolding her and hurting her feelings. (Who needs more training?! Her or me?! ha!)

I remember a friend telling me about puppy boot camp she sent her bloodhound to. There is a trainer who owns her own grooming salon and also does dog training full time. She’ll schedule dogs to come live with her, her two kids, and three dogs, for THREE WEEKS and she teaches Carly basic commands, manners, and socializers her.

At first, I thought NO WAY could I let her go for three weeks. But one morning, when I was pregnant still, I found myself running across the snowy yard, barefoot, to pull her off the fence and I realized something had to give.

So, I booked her a stay at puppy boot camp.

Today . . . we dropped Carly off.

I was a wreck.

I know it’ll be great for her – it’ll build her confidence and she’ll come back happier. The trainer has a wonderful home, is just one block from a large park, five blocks from her grooming salon where Carly will also go and hang out, and I know all will be well.

But . . . THREE WEEKS?! She’s my little shadow.

The trainer said it wasn’t a good idea for me to say good bye . . . it was apparent I was about to lose it, and Carly was cautiously running around her yard . . . so she told me to sneak out and not upset her. He Who Shall Not Be Named was there and helped drag me out . . . where I proceeded to ball for 30 minutes.

That was four hours ago and I’m still teary. Her toys are strewn all over the living room and I don’t have the heart to pick them up. (I sent her with one of her favorites, a squeaky crocodile we call Harvey. Veronica her Valentine’s Day worm, Smith the Frog and Sheepie the Sheep (I ran out of names) all had to stay home, though.)

Originally, we were going to be leaving on a babymoon to the Bahamas and that was going to ease the pain of being separated from her.

Now, I have no baby on board, no babymoon, and no puppy.

I’m really sad.


  1. Hope the next three weeks fly by for you! She’ll be having fun! Being around other dogs will be great for her too! Hang in there!

  2. Oh no, I hope you’re hanging in there and Carly comes back a whole new puppy!

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