change of plans

After being hell bent on going home to binge on ice cream and listen to love songs last night, my plans had a change of course when another single friend, He Who Shall Not Be Named, with no V Day plans suggested a happy hour after work. I decided that sounded like a much better idea than what I had slotted for the evening, so I ducked out of work right at 5 and headed out.

The restaurant was surprisingly slow, but the people watching opportunities were still pretty amazing. We had a fun time trying to determine what the deal was between couples who were out and devising strategies for me to go up to other tables of girls to try and get a date for He Who Shall Not Be Named (which I never ended up doing, no one looked particularly approachable last night).

A highlight of the night was when I saw a guy I dated for a quick second a year ago. Even funnier, I was at the same place last night that we went on our first date to as well. Anyway, I saw a guy walking very quickly out of the restaurant and a girl right on his heels. I only saw his profile and his back, but I recognized him right away. A few minutes later, the girl actually came back inside and sat back down at the bar. I overheard her talking to a couple of other guys sitting there, asking why they didn’t save her. I decided to go confirm if it was really the dude I thought it was, so I went over and asked her about it. Sure enough, it was him. They had been set up on a blind date by a mutual friend and she said the date was AWFUL. I told her about my experience and she appreciated that and we had a good laugh.

So, it definitely beat a night in, but I sure am glad that cutesy holiday is over for another year.

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