Well, I post pictures this morning and just a few hours later there are more changes. I just can’t get away from change lately and I can’t keep up! Change is good, though, I must keep reminding myself. And . . . time heals all wounds . . . Everything happens for a reason . . . It’s all for the best. Those are all my motivating mantras I repeat over and over when the pit of my stomach is aching and wishing I could just run back to AZ and live a familiar life filled with routine. Everything is gonna be all right.

My parents popped in this afternoon, which I was very grateful for. I was feeling down and a bit lost, then when I saw my parents I just couldn’t help but cry. My dad assured me I’d get through this and my mom reminded me not to let sadness nest in my hair, or something so very true to that effect :).

My mom surprised me with some amazing prints and frames that inspired us to take a trip to Michael’s and look for some more. I am thankful my mom understands my need to decorate and get this place feeling like ME and like HOME as soon as possible. While we worked on the frames project, my dad was kind enough to spend a couple hours getting the TV and Directv receiver in my bedroom working, my office chair put together, and everything in my office hooked up. My office was a disaster area, now it’s actually workable. I do not know what I would do without my parents right now.

I read a quote that really hit home for me the other day, it was:

“The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”~Maya Angelou

With that, I am reminded AZ is not my home. My home is here in CO with all my loved ones.

Ok, enough of the emotional out pour :), and I’ll share more of my progress:

You can’t really tell what the prints are, I couldn’t get a good enough shot with the glare. But, the prints are of shoes on the far left, formal dresses in the middle, and purses on the far right. They are pink and mint green and the frames have a really feminine border on them. Please excuse the terrible body pillow on the bed, that is there to entice my cats to sleep on it, versus my brand new white sheets, which they’ll inevitably ruin anyway!

This is my new print in the bathroom. It’s rubber duckies!!! And they match the out pour of color in my shower curtain.

This is the shelf to the right of my couch that I organized today. The print is one my mom surprised me with, you can’t really see it and again the glare prevents me from getting a better shot with the big picture, but it’s AMAZING!!! It has dots that coordinate with my kitchen rug, little asian writing to match some of my other items out, and ALL the colors in my living room are in it – maroons, pinks, greens – it’s perfect!

These are the other prints my mom surprised me with. They are charcoal drawings of a leaf and fern. Which, I also LOVE. Don’t mind that hockey crap on the TV, I had been watching Miss Congeniality and I guess it ended and something else came on, but I wasn’t paying attention.
Oh, and I plan to get a bunch of fun and colorful fake flowers and plant stems to put in my blue vase on the left. I want to get those from Hobby Lobby, but they are closed on Sundays.
Finally, this is just a cute picture of little Toby making himself at home in the new papason chair.

And with that – I’ve officially survived a full week.


  1. Everything looks so gorgeous!!

  2. You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building a nest in your hair. Chinese proverb

    You were close. 🙂

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