Charlie’s Birth Story? Part I – The Water Breaks.

Surprised to see that title SO SOON? Umm, yeah, us too!!!!!

My “practice makes perfect” post was actually NOT practice at all, but rather the beginning of the real deal.

Keep in mind this all started at exactly 32 weeks. A scary eight weeks early.

Saturday, April 26th – 32 weeks exactly.

Braxton Hicks for almost 8 hours. Probably were frequent enough to go into L&D, but I was stubborn since He Who Shall Not Be Named wasn’t home yet. (He go in at midnight from London.) I took a bath and relaxed and chalked everything up to growing pains.

Sunday, April 27th – 32w1d.

He Who Shall Not Be Named and I relaxed all morning, grabbed a light brunch and ran some quick errands. We popped over to visit Baby Piper at Jason and Melissa’s where I got to cuddle and sway her and I guess that is when Charlie decided enough was enough. He doesn’t want his momma lovin’ another baby! No way!

We got home and I was in a lot of cramping discomfort. I chalked it up to growing pains again and settled in to read a book and take a nap while He Who Shall Not Be Named ran up to his office to catch up with Charles and prepare for the work week. He Who Shall Not Be Named had just returned from London at midnight the night before, so he was fighting off jet lag, too.

Around 6:30, April called and we had our usual fun chat, caught up about the weekend, and in the middle of a big laugh . . . I felt a huge bubble roll out of me and POP!! Followed by . .  huge gush.

Ummm, eek?


I ran to the bathroom and I’ll spare details, but there is no way it could have been anything else than my water. My stomach felt immediately smaller and more tender, too. I am so happy I was at home!!! They say water breaking is rarely like the movies . . . well, my friends, this was. Carry that jar of pickles in the grocery store and make sure it looks like it splattered all over you, too.

I hung up with April and put a call into my OBs office. While waiting for that call back, I proceeded to call He Who Shall Not Be Named. And call. And call.

He wasn’t answering his phone, which is INCREDIBLY unusual. I knew he was with Charles. So I started calling Charles. NO answer there either. I’m panicking, my parents are 40 minutes away, I don’t want to panic them yet, so I decided to start calling Amy, Charles’ wife to help me track the guys down. Turned out Charles had left He Who Shall Not Be Named and he didn’t know where he was, but Charles and Amy hopped in the car to come get me ASAP.


My OB called back, confirmed it was my water and that she’d call ahead to the hospital. I was in obvious shock and panic. She did talk to me for about 5 minutes, reassuring me it’d be ok, that 32 weeks is early, but that they usually do really well and not to worry.

I ran around my house like a chicken with my head cut off, doing a whole lot of nothing, but running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

I called April back. She continued to try He Who Shall Not Be Named. April called Melissa. Melissa tried He Who Shall Not Be Named. Melissa called me to make sure I was ok. I called my parents to give them a heads up and not to panic quite yet, and that I’d update them once I was admitted and knew what was going on.

I had a pizza baking in the oven for dinner and thankfully had presence of mind to at least turn that off. I grabbed my purse and a towel and Charles and Amy were banging down the door in no time!

In the car, all I could do was stress about He Who Shall Not Be Named. Was he in an accident? What is going on?

A few minutes later – he calls. I’m panicked and screaming where is he, and he has gotten his messages and is panicked himself and is speeding to the hospital, so our chat was a bit impossible. He called Charles to have a calmer discussion and turns out he had FALLEN asleep at the office and didn’t hear his phone.

Dang, jet lag!!

Regardless, he was on his way and for that I was so thankful, obviously!

We got to the hospital and the ER waved me through as soon as I muttered . . . “my water’s broken!”

Getting up to L&D, they had a heads up of my arrival and already had a room ready. No triage for me!

I signed some quick consent forms for my care, and those for baby’s care (whoa, first parental consent form) and was in a hospital gown and getting hooked up to monitors within minutes.

Then, out of no where, He Who Shall Not Be Named FLIES in. Not going to lie, my sweet, always clean cut preppy husband looked ROUGH. Unshaven, beet red, in a hoodie and visibly shaken. Definitely the stereotypical dad-to-be moment, feeling terrible for missing my call, and not knowing what’s going on if it’s go time.

It felt like 5 minutes, but it was more like 4 hours while we got some of the puzzle pieces put together:

Yes, my water broke, duh.
No, we don’t know why.
No, we don’t know when actual contractions and real labor will start.
Yes, you will be in the hospital until you deliver that baby.
Yes, we will try to hold labor off for as long as we can . . . ideally 2 weeks to get him to 34 weeks.

The deck OB came in to give me a quick ultrasound. I still had some fluid and baby was still breech.

So, he was comfy in there for the time being and his breech presentation guaranteed us a c-section when the time came.

At this point – reality set in . . . everything about my magical dream of that hospital moment. Waking up in the middle of the night at 40+ weeks, laboring at home with a doula, having our bags packed, nursery stocked and decorated, and laboring naturally on birth balls and in the tub and getting him out the old fashioned way . . . All. Out. The. Door.

Babies always . . . ALWAYS . . . have a mind of their own. And like his father, our baby prefers to do things on his own terms, under his own conditions, so of COURSE he’s doing everything opposite of what we planned.

My parents were worried and instead of waiting for a call, came over to the hospital instead. Which was great, because then they were able to go get the dogs and take them to their house so He Who Shall Not Be Named could stay at the hospital with me.

A NICU nurse came in to talk to us to give us the low down on what to expect. That eased a lot of our fears. They have a wonderful staff here, a Level III NICU, we would be in good hands.

At 11:00 PM, the real contractions set in at 2 minutes apart. It was decided I’d get the first of two steroid shots to mature his lungs faster and then get drugs to stop the contractions. The contractions didn’t stop and I got a second dose. Whatever it was, it was awful and I threw up off the side of my bed. Oy.

They finally were spacing out, so they were ok with that and it was time to just settle in for the night.

I got ZERO sleep. My mind was racing, I was online emailing and texting and and googling. An APRIL baby . . . wasn’t even on my radar! I expected he would NEVER come out until the END of June . . . how in the world is this happening to us and why?! And possibly TWO WEEKS of hospital bed rest?!? And all this time in the NICU?!?

So many unknowns. All so scary.

The only thing we knew for sure – we’d be meeting our little baby boy sometime sooner, rather than later.


  1. AHH!! What an adventure!! You can leave us hanging!!! Is he here??? Off to check your FB page! =)

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