christmas eve eve 2010

Four years ago I remember this day well. I’m not sure why it’s always stuck out in my mind, because it really wasn’t anything significant when it was happening. But, every year on 12/23 I always seem to randomly remember 2010.

So, four years ago today I went snowboarding with an old friend and . . . you know who.

(Due to personal reasons, I decided it best to remove any reference to his given name. Any prior references to his name, I did a search and replace all with “He Who Shall Not Be Named.” But, that’s a lot to type when I’m not doing an auto-replace. So, bear with me while I overuse pronouns until I figure out a better strategy.)

Anyway. I digress.

Four years ago today I spent the day in the mountains with a friend and him. He had just been introduced to my group of friends a few months prior and I hadn’t had many significant interactions with him yet. At that point in time I had no real opinion of him formed other than I found him a tad insufferable. He’s never been one you could have a serious conversation with and, while entertaining, sarcasm as a response to every question when you’re trying to make an effort to get to know someone is exhausting.

(Editor’s note: I don’t say that to be punitive. It’s just the truth. And if you ask HIM, I think he’d agree.)

I digress again.

Ok, so yes, four years ago today I was snowboarding with two fools. I remember they zoomed around the mountain sharing Chuck Norris jokes while they waited for my slower self to catch up. I struggled to keep up, cursing a little under my breath every time I caught up and had yet to think up my own Chuck Norris joke. I jarred my elbow in a spill at one point and bruised my pride a little in the process, too. (Half because the spill was an ugly one and half because I hated I was feeling dumb for not thinking up some lame Chuck Norris joke.)

We were done after lunch, then I spent the ride home nursing my elbow in silence while I was in charge of the radio. I played one sad, depressing love song after heart broken song (I was in a bit of a season with my staggering love life at the time) until he complained from the backseat and requested that I change the tunes because I was depressing him.

I was kind enough to oblige.

Today I think of myself in that car, listening to my sad tunes. Completely oblivious to the fact that one day he’d be incorporated into those lyrics and become so significantly woven into my story.

(Knowing what I know now, when he asked me to turn off my heartbreak mix, I would have told him “no, thank you, sir.”)

Life is simply nutty pants. The way our paths merge and diverge with people in such surprising and strange ways . . . I mean, at the time, I would have never thought someone with such an affinity for Chuck Norris jokes would end up the subject of my next break-up mix.

But, you just never know.

You. Just. Never. Know.

I bet Chuck Norris knows, though.



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