crazy cravings?

The question I have been asked the most so far is, “Have you had any crazy cravings?”

I know a lot of women have strange things or addictions during pregnancy, but I’m sorry to report, I’ve been pretty boring.

My cravings have mostly consisted of old childhood favorites – specifically, grilled cheese sandwiches with Velveeta slices (which I have no less than 5-7 times a week – and He Who Shall Not Be Named is hooked now, too) and also chocolate ice cream.

As a kid I was a chocolate ice cream fanatic. I sort of grew out of it and now my flavors of choice are usually some sort of mint chip or banana or something weird. I rarely get chocolate anymore – but now, it’s all I want.

My favorite chocolate ice cream is Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food because it has chocolate fudgy fish in it, marshmallow, AND carmel.

Anyway, I was out of it the other day and asked He Who Shall Not Be Named to grab some on his way home from work. Well, sadly, the store was out. So, instead of grabbing some other delicious chocolate flavor he brings home Cherry Garcia. I HATE cherries and chocolate . . . He Who Shall Not Be Named knows this . . . I have no doubt in the moment he had a memory lapse, but when you’re pregnant and all you’ve been thinking about is chocolate ice cream and then you’re presented with a flavor you won’t even touch . . . well, it’s crushing.

Thankfully I had some thin mint Girl Scout cookies on hand to satisfy the chocolate craving that night.

The next day, to make up for the Cherry Garcia blunder, He Who Shall Not Be Named surprised me by coming home with the mother-load of Ben & Jerry’s flavors.

Needless to say, I shouldn’t be running out anytime soon.

Nor should He Who Shall Not Be Named be digging into any of my favorites since he has some Cherry Garcia to finish first :).

Seriously, pregnancy cravings are no joke. Even boring grilled cheese and chocolate ice cream ones!

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