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Well, we’re officially in the midst of the holiday season! I can hardly believe it. Feels like just yesterday I was supervising the outdoor lights going up on my old house in the desert last year. I remember posting pictures of the lights on my old blog and remarking how it’d be the last year we put lights on that house and spent Christmas there. I certainly knew the 2009 holiday season would be different, little did I know then just HOW different!
My Thanksgiving was wonderful! I packed up the cats and holed up at my parents’ house Wednesday night through Saturday morning. I would have stayed even longer if I didn’t need to come back to the city and volunteer at the shelter Saturday morning. It was a much needed break from my usual “hustle and bustle.” We got the horses out Friday, gorgeous weather, and I’m officially claiming my mom’s German warmblood, Schatzy, as my own horse :). She’s a big lazy girl and takes a lot of leg to get moving, so she’ll be good to get me back into the sport (and give me some good exercise!!). My mom said that on Saturday afternoon, at the same time we brought them up on Friday, Schatzy came up from the field and waited at the gate to come up to the barn. I think I have a new buddy :). I’m going to make sure every time I’m out at the house to spend some time with her, even if just on the ground.
Yesterday at the humane society, I was officially on my own and in my three hour shift I adopted out 2 cats. Each week I feel more comfortable and like the people who work and volunteer there a little more :). I also surprise myself with how much knowledge I have about cats as pets and I enjoy educating people on responsible cat ownership.
My Christmas tree and ornaments were stored out at my parents’ house, so this morning my mom drove my tree and things out to me. We spent the morning decorating, had some McDonalds for lunch, browsed Hallmark for festive items and sat and shared a holiday latte at Starbucks. It’s so great being close to my parents again. I can’t imagine what this holiday season would be like for me, had I had to stay in AZ alone.
Here is my tree –

At the Hallmark store we found Yankee Candles on sale for buy one get one free. Mom got a balsam and cedar candle and I picked up “home for the holidays” (that’s cinnamon, clove, cedar wood and balsam). It’s burning now and it’s really festive!

I also thought it’d be good for me to start a new tradition for myself this year. Since I always received trains and rocking horses from an old Hallmark ornament series as a kid, I thought I’d start collecting ornaments from a new series this year. The new series that started this year is called “Seasons’ Treatings” and is all about tasty baked goods in a holiday setting. I got the last one in stock. Little did I know the new ornaments are released in July of every year, so at least I only have to wait 6 more months to get the 2nd one, haha.

Just for fun, thought I’d also post a photo of the snow on my birthday.  Of course, true to Colorado weather, the snow was gone just a couple days later. I’m pretty much guaranteed to get snow on my birthday though, which is probably why I like snow and winter so much!

Well, that’s all my jabbering for now. I really need to go put gas in my car, get a car wash and do some grocery shopping, even though I probably won’t eat anything but my mom’s cranberry sauce for the next couple days :).

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