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This past month as fall and the holiday season have been rolling in, I’ve been soaking up the opportunity to get warm and cozy in the kitchen.

Probably isn’t helping our waistlines any bit, but oh well.  Sometimes it’s okay to carry a few extra pounds of happy.

Like this guy:

This morning I knocked off two items on my Pinterest treat list. For breakfast, we tried Cinnamon roll waffles. Just took a roll of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and baked them like waffle batter on the waffle iron. It worked! I don’t think we’ll eat them any other way from here on out. (Not that we have them often at all, but great for a lazy Sunday treat!)
After breakfast, I baked some Salted Caramel Shortbread cookies. The dough didn’t turn out for me according to the recipe, so I had to wing it. First, we were out of vanilla extract, so I used almond. Then, the dough wouldn’t stick together, so I added an egg and some milk. I was happy when they actually turned out edible and I can say they were truly from scratch!
He Who Shall Not Be Named wanted to try out the panoramic feature on the iPhone 5 and took a picture of the messy kitchen while half my cookies were still baking. It’s kind of a neat feature, which is why I thought I’d share . . . not that I want to make a habit of posting messy kitchen pictures.
(I’m happy to say the kitchen always ends up cleaner than when I found it after I bake.)

I’m getting off topic, but here’s another panoramic I tried to take in our master. It’s really hard to keep the camera still to line it all up, but it’s pretty cool how it works and can capture 360 degrees!

And we’re still not done decorating in there . . . I want to get some sort of art made with either one of the readings from our wedding ceremony or pieces of our vows for above the bed.

We painted the master when we moved in, it’s a dark gray and the master bath we painted a mint green. (They were originally a yellow and a dark red respectively.)

Anyway, back to my Pinterest treats for the day . . . almost . . .

I had to run to the store to grab the cinnamon rolls, so I also grabbed some flowers, because I’m trying to always keep fresh flowers around. He Who Shall Not Be Named often surprises me with some when he goes grocery shopping, so I’m lucky to usually always have them in the house.

But, I never really know what to do with them.

April sent me a grocery store flower tutorial and so I’m trying to follow those tips now. It’s still harder than they make it sound, but I’ll keep practicing. I haven’t been crazy happy with any arrangement I’ve put together yet, but it’s one of those things I won’t get tired of trying because who doesn’t love pretty flowers?

Anyway . . . back to the food.

The cinnamon waffles for breakfast were AWESOME! Try it!

Also, highly recommend the cookie recipe – though I feel like the flavor would likely turn out a little different for everyone. I’d like to try them again with more of a true shortbread dough, perhaps with a Bisquick recipe.

Now I’m sitting back and loving our new weekend routines and don’t mind one bit I’ve traded Sunday mornings where I used to sleep in recovering from Saturday nights downtown for an early wake-up to, now, where I drink coffee, read the news and have breakfast with the husband.

We even just subscribed to the Sunday paper.

I never thought I’ve live such a traditional, suburban life and I am loving every single second.

Perhaps it’s not the most riveting blog fodder, but if the biggest drama in my life is not being able to post any baby nursery ideas to Pinterest because I don’t want to start getting the, “OH MY GOSH ARE YOU PREGNANT YET?!” question, then life is pretty darn good.

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