The big fluff ball that has started staring in pics on Facebook with my darling Tate is He Who Shall Not Be Named’s beloved 6 year old Goldendoodle, Reiley. Part golden retriever, part poodle, but 100% pure love bug, over the months, Reiley has successfully worked his way into my heart and my home.

I grew up with dogs, but having always gravitated toward cats, I’ve never had one of my own. I wasn’t sure how a dog works, especially in an apartment situation and not out in the country where my childhood dogs were free to run and my parents were up to tend to all the animals at the earliest of hours. So the first time He Who Shall Not Be Named suggested I keep Reiley for an overnight while he was out of town, I was insanely nervous. The responsibility was huge to me . . . I took having his care entrusted to me very seriously. And I was so worried I would do everything wrong.

Of course, it turned out to be a fun weekend together. And everything went fine. And Reiley helped me through that first night alone by ensuring he told me when he was hungry. When it was time to go out. I joke he is a beginner’s dog, because he is seriously the easiest guy to take care of.

Since that weekend, I’ve had Reiley quite a bit. Now, we do everything we can to make it so he can stay with me when He Who Shall Not Be Named is gone. It is a little more challenging when it’s a work week, but we manage. My home is Reiley’s home (and of course He Who Shall Not Be Named is just as welcome, too, haha) and he (they) know(s) it. We have a routine, and I love a good consistent routine!!, and when Reiley isn’t here, my place feels emptier. I don’t sleep as well alone anymore when I don’t have Reiley on stand-by, knowing he’d alert me if something was wrong.

Even the cats have grown to love Reiley, even if they won’t admit it. Tate mimics Reiley all the time. He’ll eat when he eats. Sleep where he sleeps. Even greet me when I come home next to Reiley. And Toby loves to try and follow us out the door (though that’s probably to ensure he’s really leaving, giving Toby back temporary free reign of the joint.)

He Who Shall Not Be Named, the cats, me and Reiley have formed a happy little family. I love nothing more than on a Sunday night trying to coax all the animals up to join us on the couch.

Me and my 4 boys.

I just love them all so much.


  1. He’s so cute!!

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