end of an era.

It all started with a lime green wall.To go back and read that first post . . . it feels like another person wrote it. To say my life has done a 180 in the past three years is a severe understatement.

Now, here I am, at the start of a new chapter. In just a few days (4 days, six hours and some change to be exact) I will marry my one and only.

Just like the last chapter of my life that started with a painted wall that gave me hope for the future . . . so does this one. We’ve spent the past few weeks painting and decorating and settling into our new home. We’ve surrounded ourselves in soothing blues and greens and grays. These walls are what I see as the start of something amazing . . . the walls that will contain the foundation to our marriage, be the first home to our children and will contain all of the ups and downs in between.

So, today, I finish up at work and then I am off to immerse myself in the wedding week! And this also signifies the last of the blog posts here . . .
See you all on the other side :).

(And by other side, I mean, check back here soon where I will post a new blog link to follow us on our new journey!!! Unfortunately, I’ve had writers block and the new blog has yet to be named . . . hmmmm . . .)

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