epic sunday family funday: pumpkin patch

Baby daddy and I recognize that our dynamic right now is fragile and ever changing. What it is today . . . could very well be gone tomorrow. However, no matter what the future holds, we are both committed to being cooperative and civil co-parents. Because Charlie will never remember a time when we are together, while things are still “working” enough for us to hang as a family, we’re making an effort to do one activity a week together as our own unique little family unit to create memories we can share with Charlie when he’s older.

Sundays end up being that day since it’s the only day our schedules work together . . . so Epic Sunday Family Funday was born. We have an email set up for Charlie and we plan to email him photos and tidbits about the things we do. I hope that one day our baby boy is able to read everything in there and will see that despite the outcome of our marriage, that he was very much wanted and loved and that we worked very hard to build a strong co-parenting bond that puts his best interests first and foremost.

I’m not sure how long or how many of these Sundays we’ll manage . . . but we take things day by day around here, so we’ll just have to see.

Today we went to a fall festival! I mean, what kind of parents would we be if we didn’t get Charlie’s photo with a pumpkin?


Here he’s saying, what the heck did you take me out of my stroller for?!


Charlie LOVES riding in his stroller. And he apparently loves cotton candy, too. Here, he’s holding on tightly to my bag. We set it on his feet for a second and he snatched it right up. Like mother, like son. (Don’t worry, we just let him hold it long enough for a photo op. No baby ingested any cotton candy today. At least not my baby.)

I picked this festival primarily because it had a petting zoo. Half way there, He Who Shall Not Be Named asked WHY was I so intent on seeing a petting zoo, when we both knew it would just make me upset to see the animals working.

I hate to admit it, but he is right. Those things make me REALLY sad. The animals look depressed and flea bitten and there’s always some kid pulling their hair or trying to hang off of them. (To give you an idea of how sensitive I am to animals, I was just crying my eyes out over this video tonight. It’s of an orphan bat. A BAT! But seriously, tell me you don’t get teary watching him getting swaddled in a tissue and then rocking himself to sleep!)

So, needless to say, we skipped the zoo.

Actually, we skipped everything except a pumpkin photo op and the cotton candy. We have always done everything in fast forward. We’re impatient and hate lines. So, when I say we went to a fall festival . . . really, we were there 10 minutes. We rolled in, snapped some photos with the pumpkins, got a bag of cotton candy, and hopped back in the car and looked for some lunch.

We capped our little outing with a stop at a pharmacy to get our flu shots.

Epic Sunday Family Funday, indeed!

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