extreme wading

Going back to work with a big ugly splint right after vacation, and I had to tell the story of my injury at least 101 times. I didn’t think much of it initially, but after telling the story so many times, I realized how utterly lame my injury is. Who breaks a hand wading in water? I mean, seriously.

I went for my follow-up with a bone doctor yesterday afternoon, who . . . after his PA sufficiently made me feel silly for the big ugly splint (“Why’d they put you in THAT contraption?!”) and acted like she couldn’t even see the crack on the x-ray (“Did you really get diagnosed with a fracture, did someone really tell you that?”) . . . finally came in, looked at the x-rays properly, examined my hand by pressing and flicking it (umm, ouch), and told me what I already knew, “yup, it’s cracked.

Since everything is still in alignment, it just needs to be immobilized to allow 4-6 weeks to properly heal. I was downsized from the urgent care contraption, to a more comfortable splint for just my affected finger. It’s MUCH more comfortable than the crazy thing urgent care had me in, but it still looks so incredibly dorky – like I have carpal tunnel from all my hours clicking around Facebook or something.

I guess it just adds to the lameness of the whole situation.

So, yeah, extreme wading . . . don’t try it at home, kids.


  1. I broke my arm standing on roller skates. Standing. Not roller skating. I don’t think extreme wading is a lame story at all! Glad you got a better splint though – unfortunate that you can’t bowl for 6 weeks 😉

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