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Facebook Official. I mean, it’s kind of a big deal.

Kinda, right?

I’m sure we all have those friends who update their relationship status like it’s going out of style. They are the same ones that are usually posting minute-to-minute status updates about their emotional state or the latest “tragedy” in their life and end everything with the acronym FML. (We all have at least one of those.)

But, for most people, making the decision to publicly update a relationship status takes some thought. And for obvious reasons, since it’s basically announcing to a boat load of people . . . friends, family, acquaintances, old coworkers, your hair dresser’s dog perhaps . . . that you are dating someone, officially dating, and have made the conscious decision to not pursue dating anyone else for the time being. This is a person you’re going to bring home to mom and dad . . . who is now your assumed plus one at events . . . and who you’re most likely spending more days of the week with rather than without.

So, yeah, you know, it is a big deal!

So, today is kinda a big day . . . because S . . . He Who Shall Not Be Named . . . and I are, well, Facebook Official!

I suppose I should back up a bit, though, if you have a moment.

(I’ve refrained from documenting the progression leading up to this news until now, mainly because He Who Shall Not Be Named is actually a reader of my blog, and well, that would have been awkward.)

I’ve known He Who Shall Not Be Named since August, where we were very briefly introduced through mutual friends at a sushi party. He recalls I was wearing a ridiculous shirt (it had a tutu on it, so yeah it was a little ridiculous) and the fact I was wearing way too much eye liner; basically, he thought I was emo. (Not the best first impression.) The second time our paths crossed, a month later, I was three sheets to the wind at a piano bar, having a freak out over the song Piano Man that caused an unwanted memory of my ex. (Not the best second impression.)

From there, our social paths steadily continued to cross at parties and events over through the fall and holiday season, usually where I was busy doing or saying something very Alison and probably not doing much to combat the weird initial impressions at all.

In December, we started going skiing together in small groups, and around the holidays, we finally exchanged numbers and were texting here and there.

On Super Bowl Sunday, we were at the same party and I remember being excited about getting to sit by him and chat one-on-one.

Then, Valentine’s Day rolled around and neither of us had plans. Kay knew this and encouraged He Who Shall Not Be Named to ask me to happy hour that night, so we wouldn’t have to be alone. He Who Shall Not Be Named obliged and asked me out, not expecting me to say yes. But, of course, I was ecstatic at the opportunity to spend time with him, so it was never a thought in my mind to turn his offer down.

Neither of us had any expectations going into it (I very clearly remember him throwing out there early in the evening that, “this isn’t a date . . . “), so I think it’s safe to say we were both very pleasantly surprised when over six hours flew by and there wasn’t a minute of silence between us. We laugh, because at the time we thought we were the ones judging and watching all the other awkward V Day couples, but I imagine we were the actual scene in the restaurant that night.

After that, we started talking every day via text and on the phone. We were still dating other people, but we always somehow ended up calling one another or seeing each other after those other dates. Finally, I lost all motivation to pursue dating anyone else and I started to wonder if He Who Shall Not Be Named felt the same way, too.

But, of course, I couldn’t just ask him.

While I’m an open book 99% of the time, when it comes to matters of the heart, I tend to get pretty cautious of what I say and it’s hard for me to verbalize how I feel without stammering and feeling like I’m 15 again. So, it wasn’t until after a misunderstanding over a month later . . .  I thought I overheard He Who Shall Not Be Named admitting to having a date planned with another girl he hadn’t told me about . . . where I all but hit the roof over it and I knew it was probably time to get on the same page, whatever that may be. (He actually didn’t have a date, turns out the night he was referring to, he was with me.)

Well, the rest is history . . . we’ve made it to FBO, so we definitely got on the same page, and it’s a page I’m so incredibly happy about. I’m just so excited to be spending time with someone I have a lot in common with, someone I laugh so hard with I cry, someone I can be quiet with, someone who makes me feel like a million bucks . . . someone I want nothing more than to make a space for in my life.

Though, what I love and am most excited about going into this . . . is that He Who Shall Not Be Named knows me. He’s seen me at my loudest and most obnoxious. He’s witnessed some of my crazy moments. He knows I’m divorced. And, yet, at the end of the day, he still likes me. It’s allowed me the space and given me the confidence to just be me, right from the get go, since I don’t know how to be anything but, around him. And that, to me, is priceless.

Anyway, that’s enough [sap] for any one blog entry for a while!!! But, I just had to share :). I’m looking forward to taking every day as it comes and I’m confident it’s going to be an amazing Spring.


  1. you sound so truly happy! i love the way you talk about how he makes you feel!!!! BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Alison says, “This is a person you’re going to bring home to mom and dad . “

    Mom says, 🙂
    He that would the daughter win, must with the mother first begin. ~English Proverb

  3. I’m so behind on commenting on this – sorry! I’m so happy for you, Alison! After all you’ve been through, you truly deserve this!

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