FBO [again]

I’m sure some of you remember the first time He Who Shall Not Be Named and I became FBO.It was a pretty big deal.

And, rightly so, because three months later I found myself in the unfortunate position of having to awkwardly undo it. To prevent the embarrassing broken heart from appearing in the News Feed, I made my relationship status visible only to myself. Knowing He Who Shall Not Be Named would do the same, I waited until he had it hidden, too. Then, I officially broke it off incognito.

After that silly high-schooler situation (thanks, social media), even once we were back together and talking long term, I refused to publish any sort of relationship status again until it was officially solidified.

The night we got engaged, after toasting with four of our besties and notifying family and close friends, it was time to make it FBO for real!!! In all the crazy excitement of the night, having to log-in and try and navigate the profile settings was nearly too much to handle. Then, I reached near panic when I didn’t see it appear right away on my timeline. We have April to thank for capturing the intense moment.

FBO on Vimeo.

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