feeling hot hot hot

A yoga studio by my house was running a word of mouth special with free yoga classes all day yesterday and today. The only class that worked was an intermediate level thing. I was a bit freaked, but figured I would be okay in the back. No one would notice when I was flat out on the floor.

Things didn’t start off on a good note for me when I had to take my shoes off and leave them in the locker room. Walking around that place barefoot gave me the heebie jeebies and I was certain I was going to pick up some sort of fungus. My feet started itching almost immediately.
I quickly forgot about my feet once I was sitting in the room, looking around. The people who were trickling in . . . they looked good. You could just tell, they all knew what was up. Some started practicing – standing on their heads, twisting around. Great. Then, I started to realize how hot it was in there and started to feel claustrophobic. There were no windows I could see, even out into the hall, and I started getting panicky and a bit short of breath. I got up and walked to the door to see it was only a couple steps away and was convinced at some point, I’d have to bolt.
Thankfully, the instructor came in and started class. Once it began, I forgot all about my anxiety that was rising and all my focus was just on trying to keep strong and balanced. Even though I could hardly do half the moves and sometimes was standing around just staring, it was obvious everyone else was so absorbed in their practice, keeping strong and balanced, that I no longer cared if I was the worst one in the room.
By half way through, I was sweating in places I didn’t know I could sweat. It was tough, I was tired, and it was HOT. It went by surprisingly faster than I expected, and I was happy to find that by the end of class, I was finally touching my toes again for the first time in years!
Leaving class and walking out into the cold air felt amazing! I felt really refreshed and am glad to have tried it out, though I can’t see that it would be something I could necessarily get into. I think the regular yoga classes at my gym are more my pace :).

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