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This past week as some may know, I was a bit down. Just when I think the reality or gravity of the situation hits me, it always seems there is another day it hits me harder. I guess I’m on a roller coaster right now and that is to be expected. I definitely would have continued downhill if I hadn’t booked up my weekend and forced myself out of the house, though. Every once in a while, a pity party alone at home is ok, but I definitely can’t make that a habit.

The turning point for me was on Thursday night. It was like the 4th or 5th day in a row I was feeling sorry for myself, so I was reading my singles book when I got an idea. It mentioned something in there about a divorce support group. That was EXACTLY what I needed! As amazing as my family and friends truly are, I thought maybe getting involved with a group going through the same thing at the same time, perhaps would be another level of comfort to help me on my journey. So, I did a bit of googling for things in the area, when I stumbled across the PERFECT group – it was for 20-30 somethings who were divorced with NO kids. It’s a group to go out and socialize with, swap war stories, and just to meet and get advice and support from. I signed up and immediately posted on the web board to introduce myself, which started a flood of activity with other newbies coming out of the woodwork to say hello as well. It’s sparked an outing tonight, so we’ll see how that goes!

Friday after work, I headed down to Colorado Springs to spend the night with Shauna. We had a great time just relaxing and chatting and I got to spend some time with her 2 year old daughter for the first time, too. I was so concerned about her not liking me, but surprisingly, she took to me rather quick and was even polite enough to share her markers with me to color. Maybe I am not so scary to kids, after all. On Saturday, Whitney was in town at the Broadmoor, so I hopped over to see her for lunch and a good chat. That afternoon I popped back home to check on the cats and then headed out to my parents’ house for dinner. I stayed the night there and this morning got a facial with my mom’s local gal. While I think it was overall a good facial (knock on wood, no product reactions yet) the lady sure made me feel horrible about my skin (kept saying how congested and dirty it was . . . thanks). I definitely won’t be going back to her, and neither will my mom!

While out at my parents’ house, my fabric had come in, so my mom cut it up and my dad so kindly stapled it on my canvases for me. I just hung them up this afternoon and I LOVE it! My apartment is just so ME and it’s come together better than I could have ever expected. Below is a picture, it’s overcast outside so I was having a hard time getting the colors true, but you get the idea. Excuse my messy coffee table, I was too excited to get a picture, I didn’t want to spend time tidying up.

I have one final addition being made to my dining room on Tuesday, but I’ll just post about that later, since my blog is already 1,000 lines too long!
Off to get ready for my “blind” group event tonight! I’m pretty nervous to roam around looking for people I have never met in person before, but once I meet up with everyone I know I’ll be fine and probably talk way too much.


  1. Love the new addition to the living room!!! I hope you have a fabulous time tonight!!

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