first date

I was out at happy hour with a group of coworkers last night, playing trivia (nothing like playing trivia with a group of engineers and scientists, there was an argument about the periodic table of elements . . . of course I had to insert my favorite chemistry joke: Au, you stole my gold!!!!  hahaha) and intently watching a table behind us.

The table had a couple and we were betting they were on their first date based on the body language. (And most likely the result of some sort of online dating site, of course.) The guy kept putting his hand to his chin like he was in deep contemplation of everything she was saying. The girl was leaning in and trying very hard to hear (I’m sure he was mumbling) in the loud bar. It was pretty funny. Even more funny because most of us had been there.

Anyway, fast forward another hour as I’m packing up to leave. I realize the girl is in the bathroom, so I decide to confirm if our suspicions were right. I turned around and politely asked if he minded if I asked him a personal question. He looked at me like I was a little insane, but I proceeded anyway. So, I asked if he was on a first date. And he was. So, then I asked if he met her on And once he confirmed he had, I accidentally blurted out a little loudly, “YES! We called it!”

Then, he GLARED at me and said, “Yeah, SOOOO!!” And so, I just smiled and said we were just having fun and that we’ve all been there. I wished him luck and was on my way.

(Some people have no sense of humor!)

I’m sure I probably just rattled him a little bit more and he’ll probably never see the girl again, but I prefer to pretend that I just gave him some good fodder for his speech at his wedding reception . . .  

. . .and I was SSOOO taken with Mary’s beauty on our first date, and so incredibly nervous because I just knew she was someone special who was really going to impact my life on a bigger scale, I mean, it was completely obvious how nervous I was!! So obvious, in fact, that I was approached by a complete stranger . . .

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