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I’m determined to reclaim 2011 as my year and hang on to my initial feeling that it was going to be a good one . . . and after a good chunk of my July spent struggling to regain my footing and figuring out what I’m doing in this world – I’ve finally settled on a plan.
That plan includes:

It all started when I joined the gym earlier this month.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, especially if you were with me when I quit the gym last year. (Funny side note: I had just met my new cube neighbor at work, who’s now a good friend, but she overheard that phone call. She then mistook me to be incredibly assertive and good at getting what I want . . . . so much so, a few weeks later she asked that I call and pretend to be her and quit her gym for her, too. And I did. But, it’s not so much that I’m that assertive girl, so much as I’m just really good at quitting stuff . . . but, I just can’t quit you . . .  hahaha.)
So, yeah, I joined the gym a few weeks ago, hell bent on getting fit.
Now or never.
I almost, almost had second thoughts when the sales lady had to ask me a few times, “So, it’s just you? Or your family, too? Oh, just you? Just you in your household wanting a membership?”
Seriously, why is it so hard for some people to grasp the fact that yeah, guess what, it’s just me? But, I got over my sensitive self and fully signed up and with that, I got 3 free personal training sessions. Winning.
Tonight was my first appointment with the trainer and I now can’t move my arms without shaking like a leaf.
Tomorrow is going to hurt.
But, guess what? I feel good. Really good. I’m trying to ingrain this amazing feeling into my head in the hopes it will motivate me to keep it up. I usually give up after a couple of months and seeing no results. But, after working with the trainer, I can see why I was never successful before. So, armed with a new outlook on fitness, I’m going to give this a go. (Sans trainer though, I couldn’t deal with him long-term, I’d snap.)
As far as food . . . I’m also overhauling my diet (thanks, Food, Inc.) and am actually going peskatarian. (I know, the lame version of a vegetarian, but baby steps.)
Essentially, I’m completely cutting chicken out, I’ve always been on the fence about liking it, but after seeing baby chicks on a conveyor belt and listening to all the sad chickens in the coops squawking, never seeing the light of day . . . no thanks. And as much as I LOVE me some beef . . . all I can picture is the poor cow getting prodded and run over by the fork lift.
And I don’t even want to talk about pigs.
It’s just a shady industry all around and until I can educate myself enough about the subject, I just want to stay away from meat and poultry entirely.
And finally . . . flossing.
I went to the dentist for my 6 month cleaning last week and got quite the scare from the hygienist who went on and on and on about what great teeth I have and how I am going to lose them all and pay thousands in implants if I don’t start to floss.
So, considering my parents paid a lot of money for this smile, I know I shouldn’t take my teeth for granted. And I’m determined to make flossing a part of my daily routine. Though, I think I might be flossing too much as now I’m totally addicted to these amazing little things. I keep them at my desk at work and just sit and floss  now instead of roaming around looking for free candy when I get stressed.
So, fitness, food and flossing. My mid-year resolutions and my formula for reclaiming 2011.


  1. The three F’s! These are all great things you can do for yourself! I would definitely go pescatarian before vegetarian and I don’t think it’s being lazy either. How’s the gym been going? Do you do better when you go to classes?! I wish I could work out with you – I’m a weirdo that loves the gym (just hate the price).

  2. Gym is good – I do better working out alone. My personal trainer actually said people who do classes and rely mainly on those never see results – and I never did. They are good to supplement, though.

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