flashback: October 9, 2013

Well, here we go again!!! I got a POSITIVE pregnancy test – seven months and one day after I lost my last one.

I didn’t know how I would feel when this day came – I was scared I was robbed of the elation and joy since I knew how horribly wrong things could turn . . . but, I am just as happy and elated, if not more so, than the first time.

I kept the news to myself for over FIVE hours! I didn’t want to call He Who Shall Not Be Named at the office, so I had to wait until after lunch when he’d be free and I could pop in and pay him a visit.

I woke up today and just had a feeling I was pregnant. I had been feeling strangely exhausted . . . like pregnant exhausted . . . the day before and I just knew it was time to test. I ransacked the house to look for a test . . . how I didn’t have a single one left in my house I don’t know . . . so, I ran out to the store immediately and bought two boxes of tests.

I ran home and ripped the boxes open . . . and . . .

it didn’t take long for the positive to appear!!!!!

I ran around my house, jumping around, screaming, I was SSOOOO excited!!!!!!!!!!

I took a digital just to make sure – of course the word, “pregnant” appeared quickly . . . then I had to go about my day with my lips sealed.

While keeping a secret to myself is about the hardest thing for me to do, I have to admit, it was nice to have it a secret just between me and the little poppyseed for a while . . . just me and my baby. My baby and me.

Early afternoon I was finally able to see He Who Shall Not Be Named. I didn’t have anything elaborate planned, but I figured this had to be better than shaking him awake at 5AM while he’s in a Tylenol PM haze to tell him.

I pulled him into a conference room and told him I had something I needed to show him and I pulled out both positive tests. It took a second for it to register and then he just got a huge smile on his face! I told him the kicker . . . our due date, which is June 21st, which made him tear up.

June 21st was his beloved Grandma’s birthday What a special date and surely a sign we’d get a bouncing bundle of joy in just over eight months.

Oh how we hope!!!!

We plan to keep this news under tight wraps for a while. It almost feels like it will jinx it if we let too many people in on our news. But, I’ve already called and scheduled to go into the doctor in just a few days to start being monitored and getting blood tests, so I hope we see a healthy pregnancy progress.

Stay strong, June Bug. We can’t WAIT to meet you!!!!!!

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