full circle

As of Friday, He Who Shall Not Be Named and I signed our lives away and officially became homeowners together!!!

Complete with mature trees and a mail box. . . we officially own a piece of real estate to call home for hopefully many years to come. We get giddy every time we pull up to the house (we drove past it at least 15 times while we were under contract) and we’re just so excited to get settled in. It’s updated and move-in ready, so all we’re doing is adding in some fresh paint and having everything deep cleaned before the movers come tomorrow.

It’s been such a wonderful experience buying a house with He Who Shall Not Be Named. It’s only confirmed what I already knew . . . that he’s the perfect partner for me. He not only comes through when things get stressful (buying a house these days is about like getting put on trial, it’s not fun!) but he always keeps calm through it all and patiently allows me to be the one to panic. We have the same taste and want the same things for our future family and I honestly just couldn’t feel luckier to have him in my life. (Who would have ever thought I’d be that girl, gushing about her husband-to-be?)

And with this post . . . I feel like my blog has come full circle. I’ve officially grown out of my space here and it’s time to move to a new site with a new blog direction.

So, stay tuned for my next update coming soon announcing my new home in the blog-o-sphere . . . where I’ll be blogging about our adventures as a new family . . . complete with Pinterest projects and cooking attempts . . . and hopefully even some blog appearances by He Who Shall Not Be Named.


  1. I kinda figured someday you’d be “that” girl, and I couldn’t be happier for you! Congrats on your house purchase!

  2. you are soooooo cute

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