growing up.

When I was approaching 30, everyone would say that the thirties are the decade where you really come into yourself. You feel more settled, content, grounded.

Of course, being a know-it-all twenty something I didn’t really understand that. I figured I’d already been out in the world for a decade, what was going to be different?
Over the past 2.5 years though, I can look back and see the slow transformation and I’d say in the past month I’ve finally reached the point where I get it.
At the age of 32, I finally feel like an adult.
It’s moments like when I’m looking at a photo of myself and I can see how I’ve aged, not in a bad way really, but I have lines becoming more pronounced and I’ve started to be more conscious of my skin routine to prevent aging.

I go to the pool in a one-piece, with a gallon of water, a sun hat and a copy of Better Homes & Gardens. (No more bikinis, cheap beer and copies of Cosmo.)

I wake up before 6:00 AM every day . . . with no alarm clock. And no matter how late I’ve gone to bed the night before. (10:00 PM feels like after midnight.)

But, perhaps the most pronounced change is that I’m just comfortable with myself. In a new sort of way. I’ve found myself a lot chattier with strangers, where I used to be more reserved and unsure of myself, I just find I participate more in the world around me.

It’s just an overall sense of being settled and I like it

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