half baked.

So excited that the half way point – 20 weeks – has come and gone! Today marks 21 . . . so time is definitely picking up and the anxiety of being ready for baby is starting to set-in.

I rang in 20 weeks in Nashville where I visited April, Annie and Jeremy.

I got my first bit of unsolicited advice from an old man on the plane. He asked what the baby’s name was going to be, and when I told him, he sort of scoffed at it and said, “Well, you just wait to name him. You wouldn’t name a dog before you met him now would you?”

Some other gems included, “Don’t complain about how he smells when you change his diaper. One day he’ll be doing that for you (if you raise him right) and your [stuff] smells, too.”  OY!

And, after asking me how old I was . . . “Oh, that’s great that you’re older. Women who give birth at 31 and older live longer! My mom had me at 31 and she lived to 94!”

Then he tried to sell me kitchen tiles.

Anywho . . .

It was great being able to hang out with April and her clan and be a part of their family routine last week. Annie is growing so fast and in just a handful of months since I’ve seen her, she’s changed from infant to toddler. It was great to sit back and watch and think how what will be me, He Who Shall Not Be Named and baby boy soon!!!

April and I were able to get in some good shopping time as well – I got a great jump start on baby’s wardrobe!! We also went to Babies R Us where I could touch and play with car seats and strollers. It was good to be able to go with a veteran mom to get tips on what to look for.

And, of course, we checked out the Super Bowl and well, that’s all we need to say about that! Poor Broncos! But, on the upside, April made my favorite cheese dip (velveeta and Rotel), so I was a happy camper.

Thanks April and Jeremy for hosting me last weekend – I had such a wonderful time and looking forward to making it back again before baby to see Nashville in bloom!
Arriving back to Denver, we had insane-o freezing sub-zero temps and snow. SO DEPRESSING! I’m over it!!! Give me this weather over the holidays, but then I’m done! I started coming down with a head cold, so I’ve basically holed up at home the rest of this week. Having a cold when pregnant, everything is just amplified – the exhaustion, aches, pains and there is nothing I can really take (or want to take) for the congestion so not being able to breath has just been something I’m trying to cope with until it goes away.
To pass some time, I practiced baby wearing (this is the Baby K’Tan, still trying to figure it out) with Toby. He is a pretty good sport.

And, yesterday, the nursery was painted!!!! It went from the previous owner’s khaki to Light French Gray. It brightens the space up SO MUCH and now I’m more anxious than ever to order the furniture and start decorating!!! In person, the paint has a bright blue undertone.

He Who Shall Not Be Named has been in and out quite a bit, he’s crazy busy and trying to hustle now so he can enjoy some quiet time this summer once baby arrives. It’s hard only catching glimpses of him, and I’ve been crazy emotional about it this week. I can’t hear his voice or even look at him without bursting into tears because I miss him. It’s kind of starting to be a problem!! We’re just blaming the hormones.

But, last night, under the guise of a late conference call (which had me up in arms) he stopped at the store to set me up with all my favorite foods and snacks. Along with 21 roses to celebrate 21 weeks!

Not pictured: buffalo chicken tenders and the jalapeño cheese dip is hiding.

My husband definitely knows how to make pregnant (and non-pregnant) Alison happy!

So, that’s it for the week . . . week 20 just FLEW BY.

Baby is getting lots more active in there . . . his movements are less like little mouse feet and starting to get stronger. A few times, I’ve felt punches from the outside. But, every time I try to get He Who Shall Not Be Named to feel it, he stops. Also, when I play with my home fetal doppler (my favorite thing ever, thanks, Kelly!!!) he pushes away from it now. He’s a big target now and I can easily get his heartbeat, but he’s so wild in there I can also hear and feel his crazy movements while he’s trying to duck out of the way.

I’m looking forward to Valentine’s Day next week and hoping some Spring-like weather that will start appearing in the next month or so!

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