happy birthday, blog! you’re 2 today!

Today I am celebrating two years since I hit the road back home to Colorado!

(We all know how terribly nostalgic I can be, probably because I have been blessed/cursed with such a vivid memory, so bear with through my moment of reflection, haha.)

Anyway, two years later, and so much has happened since . . . that day definitely seems so very foreign and so long ago.

I didn’t leave Phoenix until late at night, so I spent the day packing up my car with last minute odds and ends. I paced around. And I played FarmTown on Facebook. (Yes, I farmed. I had do something to numb my brain in order to get through that terribly boring, anxiety ridden summer that was spent coordinating my move, arguing over who got what DVD, and finalizing all of the legal paperwork.) And I even went out to dinner with my ex that night like it was any other ordinary day.

When the time came, he helped me load up the cats. I handed him a “good luck” card (it seemed the most upbeat, as opposed to a sympathy card . . . ) with a moving passage I wrote in it from eat pray love.

He handed me a $100 gift card to cover my gas, print-outs from Google Maps with my route painstakingly highlighted, and instructed me to listen to a particular CD, oh that infamous break-up mix.

And with that, I drove away and into the first day of the rest of my life.

The past two years have been packed full of a lot of new lessons learned . . . I’ve been challenged, tested and experienced a new slew of heartaches, betrayals, and disappointments.

I’ve also experienced an incredible amount of joy and happiness, an immense sense of accomplishment, and I love knowing that there are still so many wonderful things to come.

And save for the really personal things I would never throw out into the black hole of cyberspace, I’ve captured most of it all in this blog.

So, cheers to two years of surviving and thriving . . . and to the excitement of wondering what the next two will bring!


  1. Yay for 2 years!!

  2. Happy Blogiversary! You are in such a better place than you were 2 years ago – more good things are coming your way my friend!

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