happy due date, Charlie!

*** I started this post yesterday and intended to post it . . . but of course before I could finish my little boss called me away. Pretend this posted on June 21st! ***

So crazy that today was our due date. I can’t even imagine possibly still being pregnant. I would have been A HOUSE. A total house.

My doctor told me to prepare to last until 41 weeks, that most first times moms go overdue. So, I was SO SURE I’d be pregnant forever. Now, pregnancy seems like hundreds of years ago. It feels like Charlie has always been around. (Which is a totally different statement from, “I can’t remember life without him!” Because, I certainly have no problem remembering the 33.5 years I spent before him, but it feels like he’s been in our lives forever.)

I really love being a mom. It’s tough and a lot of work, but I can honestly say I finally found the job I was meant to do.
Charlie has been home for just over a month. It took us a little bit to get to know each other and I feared I’d never know what his different cries meant or how to read them. I thought all baby cries sounded the same. So not the case! I can tell his hunger from fussy tummy to annoyed to pain. And nothing is more rewarding than when I can finally soothe his cry – he’ll stop screaming and look me in the eye with a little silly expression.
Charlie’s FAVORITE thing right now is cuddling. He LOVES to take his naps laying on people. He’ll sleep longer this way. I’ve started wearing him for a couple naps during the day so he’ll sleep and I can actually get things done. I’m totally addicted to baby wearing!
I have on a baby k’tan. I like it, but it’s two loops and you can’t tighten or loosen or vary the size. I’ve been checking out some other wrap options – so many out there! I’d like to get one that He Who Shall Not Be Named can use, too.
Did you baby wear? If so, let me know what your favorite wrap was!
Charlie has yet to sleep in his crib. He’ll nap for about 20 minutes, but that’s it. At night he hangs out in his Rock ‘n Play next to the bed. When He Who Shall Not Be Named travels or when we nap during the day, I use a cosleeper in the bed. Charlie sleeps just fine laying flat when he’s right next to me, so not sure why he can’t nap in his crib. I swear he knows when someone leaves the room and he’ll wake up angry.
I tried so hard to get him to like swaddles hoping that would be soothing to sleep in crib – but he hates them. He has always had to have his arms up around his face to fall asleep.
We’re still primarily bottle feeding with fortified milk, but I’m trying hard to transition to nursing. I’ve started nursing him a couple times a day and am going to visit a lactation consultant this week to get some transfer weights to see how much he’s eating. At his two month appt. on the 30th I’ll be able to discuss with the pediatrician possibly weaning him off the fortified milk and nursing even more.
I’ve really struggled with what to  do as far as bottle feeding, nursing, pumping, etc. Exclusively pumping is just too much for me (especially with the infections I seem to get) and so I know I either need to get him nursing or I need to give it up. Wish us luck!

And finally, for fun, a baby picture my mom sent me the other day because she was telling me how when she holds Charlie, it reminds her of holding me. Seeing this, I see why! This could be Charlie, right here. He Who Shall Not Be Named won’t admit it, but I think it bums him out a little bit that Charlie currently favors me. But, I’m sure as he grows up he will go back and forth between favoring the two of us. As he gets bigger, I can often see He Who Shall Not Be Named’s expressions on his face.

I just can’t say it enough – I’m totally obsessed with this baby! I miss him even when he’s in the same room, but I’m not holding him, and I’ll sit and look at pictures of him.

We have a big week ahead of us . . . we have our first play date trip to the zoo! We’re also hoping to get a visit from a good friend (AMY!) and have a lunch date with some old coworkers.

And I’m counting down to the 30th because I can’t wait to find out how much our chunky monkey weighs! I think he’s definitely in a growth spurt . . . I’m hoping he’ll hit 8 lbs by then, but we’ll see!

Happy official first day of summer!

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