happy viability day!

The milestone of 24 weeks is considered viability . . . where should something happen and baby couldn’t be on the inside anymore, he is considered viable and they would do everything they could to save him if he arrived. Obviously it would be incredibly scary and tragic to have to deliver so very early, but the milestone is a big one nonetheless.

I had my 24 week appointment yesterday. It was supposed to just be an OB visit to measure my growth and listen to baby’s heartbeat (which is a consistently strong and lovely in the 150s). But, my doctor surprised me though and decided to pop me into an ultrasound to take a look at everything.

We found baby boy taking a snooze while folded in half!

At my 20 week anatomy scan they found a very mild dilation of his kidney’s and so they are keeping an eye on that. We were told not to panic, that worst case scenario it might mean a little surgery sometime after he’s born to clear a minor blockage in there. Thankfully, it’s not even concerning enough to send me to a high risk OB, which I know my OB wouldn’t hesitate to do if she thought it even remotely necessary. It’s pretty common in boys in utero to have some slight dilation there and it often even resolves itself before birth, so we have our fingers crossed.

I love my ultrasound tech – I asked if we could peek at his sweet face, so she spent some time trying to get some good shots for me in addition to just checking the kidneys. (The kidneys showed no change, still just a mild dilation – so we’ll take a look again at 30 and 36 weeks.)

Little boy already has chubby little cheeks that I can’t wait to kiss and get my hands on!

Things are really gettin’ real, y’all!!!


  1. YAY! Congrats! Can’t wait to see pics once he’s out! (In 16 weeks, of course!)

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